PreFreak: Fred Eaglesmith @ the Dakota 9-27-16 mpls


Suddenly, I want the whole wide world to know about the true to life dirt road troubadour Fred Eaglesmith from rural Canada. Fred is an eccentric real life seasoned songwriter & gifted performer. He has been on the road for over 40 years penning original songs (making for 22 albums +) & sharing stories & experiences that would seem like enough to fill several lifetimes. Fred started his roving adventuresome career when he first left home jumping a freight train westward as a young teenager. He hasn’t stopped yet nor does he intend to any time soon.

Fred Eaglesmith
The Dakota Jazz Club
Tue. September 27, 2016  7pm

Fred calls his touring band Fred Eaglesmith & his Traveling Steam Show features his lovely talented multi instrumentalist wife Tif Ginn. Eaglesmith has become very comfortable playing small towns & small bars, halls, living rooms, & the like where he always finds loyal fans who identify with his stories, songs & his overall authenticity at large. Fred has set his own bar his own way always on his own terms. His unique compelling songs tell his stories providing insight to the colorful rambling life he’s lived.


Fred’s been likened to being the Canadian gritty rootsy answer to the US’s Springsteen. I can see where someone would get that. Much of his songs’ subject matter is dark & stark as evidenced by songs like “trucker speed”, “alcohol & pills” & “crashin & burnin”. Fred’s genius is singing about human hardship in ways where we the listeners actually feel better afterwards. Over time, Eaglesmith has garnered a slowly growing cult following where these super fans are known as Fred-heads.

I can hear it now in my head. My own voice with northern drawl intact detailing outrageous stories around a surreal campfire surrounded by my expanding circle. Listening back, I feel that Fred Eaglesmith has inspired me in a profound way even in my growing hungry fertile imagination. Fred, if you’re reading this, please consider this a deservingly huge  compliment.

The fiercely independent minded musician mostly doesn’t participate in the music industry, except to plug in & play nearly 300 shows a year.  Here’s your chance to catch one of these truly intimate performances. Come hear the increasingly iconic Fred Eaglesmith at the Dakota on Tues. September 27, 2016 at 7pm.  Experience a real legend.

Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

The Dakota event link: Fred Eaglesmith

~Timothy Paul Smith ::

Dar Williams covering Fred Eaglesmith

Fred Eaglesmith Traveling Steam Show on Facebook

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PreFreak: Red Baraat @ the Dakota 9-6-16 Mpls


The enticing cascading joy that Red Baraat brings to any gathered crowd of music lovers is both a dynamic sight & a magnificent sound to behold.

Their manic rhythm driven sound combines an exquisite array of influences & flavors from around the globe.

Red Baraat
The Dakota Jazz Club
Tue. September 6, 2016  7pm

I have passionately shared & written about Red Baraat in the past as they are always a tremendously moving experience when performing at the Dakota. Here’s a blog from last summer when RT were there:

Allow me to share a fitting anecdote from that last time I saw Red Baraat at the Dakota.  The jazz club is host to all genres of music, so there’s always a lot of of “sit down” shows & many times show goers are eating dinner as the club is also renowned for their amazing food.

People tend to get comfy in their seats. Red Baraat sensed this & then at a certain point implored everyone to stand up. From that moment, the band simply would not let anyone sit down again. This led to much dancing & otherwise festive enjoyment for most of the captive obedient audience. Hence; the rest of the night flowed with massive exuberance as it was perhaps the most dancing I’ve witnessed at a Dakota show. Owner Lowell Pickett would certainly be proud of this.

Red Baraat's Brooklyn Mela

You simply never know what to expect from a fiery Red Baraat show. There’s mesmerizing improvisation rippling throughout along with their intense precise tight explosive musicianship shining about the stage & reflected on the “dancefloor”.

Join us for this astounding resounding display of Eastern Indian brass funk imbibed with jazz & rock with other surprises as Red Baraat triumphantly returns to the Dakota on Tuesday Sept. 6 at 7pm. Prepare to leave your seat.


Red Baraat mini podcast produced by BRAVE NEW RADIO: click

“A big band for the world” ~Wall Street Journal

Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Buy Tickets link

~Timothy Paul Smith :: •  BRAVE NEW RADIO


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PreFreak: Rebirth Brass Band, Cha Wa @ the Dakota 8-13-16 Mpls

I cannot emphasize enough how big of a proverbial punch this dream double bill packs & most certainly will deliver. The absolutely legendary scorching hotness of Rebirth Brass Band will be blazing live from the Dakota stage along with the mind blowing rising supergroup Cha Wa opening up the magnificent night.

Rebirth Brass Band & Cha Wa
Saturday August 13, 2016 7pm, 10pm
The Dakota Jazz Club
Minneapolis, MN


REBIRTH BRASS BAND (Art by Frenchy in New Orleans Frenchy Live)



Cha Wa performing with friend guest Papa Mali tremendously moved me this spring at the 2016 New Orleans Jazzfest. I mean literally & emotionally as my excitable passion led me to daringly dance like a bliss borne rabid loon roaming the swampy Louisiana terrain, which in this case was the Jazz & Heritage stage. The name Cha Wa derives from a widely used slang saying that means “we comin’ for ya” in the marching Mardi Gras Indian tribes’ ongoing culture.

Cha Wa is led by founding members Joe Gelini (on drums), Sam Dickey (on guitar) & singer dancer J’Wan Boudreaux (Wild Magnolia’s Big Chief Monk Boudreaux’s young grandson) in most extraordinary Mardi Gras Indian fashion shining forth with their intense music & energizing vibe vividly portraying their amazing family history & truly the tribe’s living legacy.

As a seasoned veteran of 27 jazzfests in New Orleans, I grew up with Rebirth prominent in my expansive music scenery centric life. From my early 20s & now into my 50s, I have exquisitely enjoyed RBB’s manic music, delicious vibe, & profound presence on the local scene, which transcends into the greater national & international realm at large. I wish them even larger success & a brightest future ahead.

These are 2 of the hottest New Orleans born & raised premiere street funk party bands going & rollin’ as we dancingly traipse into the 21st century.

Spread the good word far & wide to make sure we’re all on board for this fantastic freaking voyage with our dreamy Rebirth & Cha Wa leading the explosive charge.

Join us for this incredibly festive evening of pleasure ensuing New Orleans live wire entertainment at the intimate Dakota, known for stellar live music & amazing food.

Rebirth Brass Band with Cha Wa hits the stage on Saturday August 13, 2016 for 2 sensational shows at 7pm & 10pm. Let’s roll.

Rebirth Brass Band w/Mike Dillon Band Mancub @ Great American Music Hall ~1/16/2016

~Timothy Paul Smith ::

The Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Rebirth & Cha Wa @ the Dakota event page


Rebirth Brass Band Facebook

CHA WA band website

CHA WA band Facebook

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PreFreak: Bonerama @ the Dakota 7-14-16 Mpls


Let’s thank the blessing strewn universe that New Orleans has sent us their musical ambassadors Bonerama fronted feverishly by 3 tremendous trombone players to perform.

Known for their outlandish daring covers of the likes of Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles & more as well as some catchy tasty originals, The Bone has risingly become a premiere in-demand funky touring ensemble & one of my most fave festive bands to be always throwing down everywhere they go.

Having these talented southern gents in our town is a real treat. Join me for the fun.


BONERAMA • The Dakota Jazz Club  • Thursday, July 14, 2016 @ 7pm

Box Office: 612-332-5299

Here’s my recent preview podcast of Bonerama, which includes my interview of band leader trombonist Mark Mullins.  This was produced by Brave New Radio.


Just because there is no defined dancefloor at the Dakota (yet!), please know that dancing is indeed welcome here. Even the club owner Lowell Pickett would take delight in seeing people dance at this entertaining energy fueled show. So please get on up & get on down.


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Album Review: Frogleg • Frogleg (2015 self released)

Frogleg * Frogleg  • 2015 (self released)

Once upon a trip in time & space, I came across a little freakishly electrifying young fresh strengthening powerhouse band called Frogleg. Well, they’ve grown & are now hotly on the rise as a funky 7 headed space dragon comprised of 7 unique stunning gifted musicians creating the band.


This moving adventurous record reveals a very strong debut effort that nicely truly captures their lively exciting funk influenced soul rock reggae confluence in most beautiful daring exquisite ways.  Each song enjoys the changing lush soundscapes uniquely shaping their improvisation savvy creations bending unseen creativity with audible curious explorations into dance demanding sexy expressive pleasure seeking sweet music.


The omniscient recording shines with honest pure inspiration, expression & imagination musically, lyrically & empirically. Frogleg’s eccentric way of live sensory nuancing while secreting sweet taste & fueling highly collaborative participatory music defies earthly description.

Songs like “Lucy Hill” & “Oak Tree Branch” suggest wild adventure & care free lifestyle choices. “Walls of the Fort” takes dreamy inspiration from childhood follies. “Valentina” & “Through my Eyes” are stylized love songs albeit slightly twisted at times. Crowd pleasing freak faves “Carolina Ron” & “Little Sleep” are live action sultry slamming romper stompers. “Vieques” rambles with barefoot friendly island vibe splendor. Closer “Skyline Blues” tells a twisted tale with mind crafting sonic delivery & lasting impact that makes it another powerful fan fave. These endearing songs flow together naturally & the album unfolds wonderfully. The storytelling here is prolific.

This 21st century ubiquitous whirled space funk romp rock sensation of a band (Frogleg) has created an authentic wonder filled masterpiece in this record.


When I encounter this music in the live setting; I am dreamingly transported to another funky dimension, which I express through dancing. I believe I consciously & subconsciously study & interpret these songs as I dance to them. My movement is my appreciation & natural expression. Sometimes I’m even acting out the lyrics. I’ve gone deep.

Frogleg (Fleg, to the faithful) are an explosively growing ever crushing young band only 3 years in & with over 20 strong original songs & a deepening catalog of 60 covers to pull from live. Soon the world will know the arousing delight of funkified joy that is my friends Frogleg. I welcome that day & I know it will happen in the near future. I thank them for bringing all of us friends together & energetically bombastically providing the profound grooving ground soundtrack of our collective musically blessed lives.

The album effortlessly achieves ****4 Smoking Bongs the highest stoniest rating possible here. A+ Freaker’s Choice release.



Track listing:

Walls of the Fort
Through my Eyes
Carolina ron
Oak Tree Branch
Lucy Hill
Little Sleep
Skyline Blues


Frogleg “Compared to what?” 12-12-15

FROGLEG personell:

Joe Dunn (guitars & vocals)
Demitri Rallis (guitars & vocals)
Gus Whatcot (bass)
Elliot Wachs (saxes)
Doug Christianson (percussion)
Sam Hultman (keys)
CJ Vanderpoll (drums)
Note: Rio Keleman played drums on this recording.

Frogleg official website: www Frogleg official

Frogleg Soundcloud: Frogleg on Soundcloud

Joe Dunn Music Soundcloud: Joe Dunn on Soundcloud

Frogleg on facebook: Fleg on Facebook
on twitter: Frogleg on Twitter

Frogleg logo/tour art: Jeff Troldahl: Jeff Troldahl

Photography/video content: Tim McGuire ©Tim McG Photography & Video Tim McG Photo on Facebook

Creative Support: Brave New Media:: Brave New Media

Fleg for the Funk of it, Timmy the Freak ::


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4-2-2015 Frogleg @ Bunker’s mpls


It’s a dream come true waiting to happen when you think about the funky future of my fave band out there Frogleg. In my seasoned years of listening to & dancing to live music scenery, I’ve never been more excited about an emerging rising star on our beloved scene.

As for this enchanted evening, there was something in the air it seemed. It was as if everyone knew that Frogleg was gonna blazingly bedazzle the trip taking lucid cosmic seeds of the universe celestial.  And then, of course, it happened.


The spirited seething robust crowd kept growing all night while the Fleg continued to escalate & intensify their every freaking groove & funktastic voyage. The high friendly energy giving vibe was an absolute high in itself.

What unfolded at Bunker’s turned out to be what I believe to be one of Frogleg’s best ever shows of their mindblowing mere 3 years so far as a young band. This over the top talented group moves me like I had never dreamed possible.  My often daring dancemoves have never been more passionate & sincere.

The first sizzling dizzying set was fully fraught with mostly original delicacies like inspired ramble sandwich of “Blessed” > “Lonesome & a long way from home” > “Blessed”, wonderful flowing originals “The Vines”, “Lost & Looking” & “Skyline Blues”.

2nd set bristled rampantly electric blasting open with the enigmatic “Lucy Hill” (a personal fave that I named my little red Subaru after) > Toots’ “Sweet & Dandy”, adventuresome flegstrumental “Mash Pierre”, dancefloor ragers “Valentina”, “Oak Tree Branch”, perhaps the hottest best ever blowout redition of “Little Sleep” & closing colossal & damn hard on Doors’ “Peace Frog” flegacized.

Wickedly woeful 3rd set struck wide open with “Vieques”, “Walls of the fort”, ridiculously careening “Carolina Ron”, “Longing” > Funkadelic anthem “Good Old Music”, “Up in the Blue”,  jimi fired “Manic Depression” ending the sexy exquisite night with the supernatural sultry take on “Compared to what?”  All in all, a slam dunk of soul fired funk.


It’s too good of a feeling not to share when you’re excited for years simply because the band you love the most is promisingly poised to succeed spectacularly.

Are you Flegsperienced?! I see all this leading towards Frogleg’s eventual ultimate unrestrained whirled domination feeding off the frenzy of furious full force legging of the universe at large. You can quote me on that. Thanks. Freak out.

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4-1-2015 Rebirth Brass Band @ Dakota Jazz Club mpls


Perhaps the reigning brightest star on the New Orleans brass band scene, Rebirth captures their real world culture like no other by simultaneously mobilizing dancers with their energy spawning music while bringing about the intriguing enchantment of their native city. I liken this experiential double duty phenomena to the constant converging confluence of a mighty river like our shared Mississippi.

Rebirth’s rollicking rhythmic swirling swoon of second-line street funk attracts music lovers & festive fun seekers of all walks & dances of life. Myself included. For the past 32 years, the band has simply brought their music to life on stage taking the audience along for the freewheeling wild ride. With racy anthemic signature songs like “Do whatcha wanna” & “Feel like funkin’ it up”, Rebirth lives to rock you & knock you. They’ll increase your love for brass bands & New Orleans exponentially.


The late set at the Dakota served up fresh & funky fare hotly mingling tradition & roots with their own time stylized fantastico sound. Brazenly diving deeply into songs by Professor Longhair “Go to the Mardi Gras” & Fats Domino “Walkin’ to New Orleans”, RBB warmed up the stage for an escalation. Then comes a welcome blast of their party crazed sexy songs like the downright dirty “Casanova”, fired up “Rebirth groove”,  & booty grinder “Your mama don’t dance”. All funk broke loose at the end with dancers getting up everywhere making the whole club a big dancefloor including the stage itself. Once the band was urging the crowd on, I knew it was gonna blow up in a big bodacious fun way. Yes, it did.

Founder, tuba player & Rebirth anchor Phil Frazier aptly describes their potent mix of jazz & funk as “junk music’, which I feel pushes the soulful vibe to the point of bodily pleasure revealing an overwhelming desire to move in everybody even the musicians themselves.

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1-19-2013 The Radiators @ Tipitina’s

No live band has ever enticed my funky soul out of my body to dance more times & in more ways than the Radiators from New Orleans.  This 2nd final show of this highly radiant Rads Reunion was nothing less than a miracle for the greater gyrating fishhead nation to behold.

Proof positive of this was seen on stage, the dancefloor & everywhere.  The magic had returned.  And it was more spectacularly pleasurable than ever.


My mind & body blazing first set stellar apexes were the “Holiday” > “Get your rocks off” > “Holiday” wide mouth opener, passion filled “#2 Pencil”, party ode “I like my poison”, stoner swansong “Smokin’ Hole”, shiny rarity “Gimme a rainbow”, uppity “Salty Jane” & longstanding theme song “Wild & Free”.

2nd set flailing faves for me were high voltage electric “Lucinda” opener, dylaniating “You ain’t goin’ nowhere”, careening precariously “Creepin’ Vine” > “Hold back the flood” > “Doubled up in a knot” > “Love is a tangle” > “Mountain jam” > “Lonesome whistle blow” > “Chevy 39” mollifying the massive molten medley & the best dreamiest sweet love song of all time “Lovely You”.  A true Zekestarpiece.

The delectable irony flavored encores were teasingly “You can’t always get what you want”, headgasmic underground dance meltdown medley manic “Hardcore” > “Pump it up” > “Trouble comin’ every day” > “Shake your body down to the ground” > “Hardcore” & finally Zeke’s fabled “Lost what they had”.

This so happened to rank up with the best ever weekends of my whole life surrounded by my sweetest fave peeps. I thank & love all of them especially those in my closest proximity. Also wanna thank my longtime friends the Rads along with Josh & Kenny & Tip’s. On top of that, everyone who came.  Y’all freaking rule. Please come on back soon.

Frankie & me party backstage.

Frankie & me party backstage.


Honey Island Swamp Band rockingly opened up.

Rads 01/19/2013
New Orleans, LA

The coach Dag rips & shreds.

The coach Dag rips & shreds.

Set 1:
Holiday >
Get your rocks off >
Loup Garou (tease)
Go back
All meat (tease)
#2 pencil
I like my poison >
Where was you at?
Smokin’ Hole
Gimme a rainbow
Last Getaway
Big chief (tease) >
You can’t take it with you >
Grow fins >
Mardi gras in new orleans >
Land of 10,000 Dances
You can’t take it with you
Let us get together (tease)
Salty Jane
Wild & Free

set 2
Lucinda >
Theme from the Magnificent 7 >
Cissy Strut
Open the door poor richard (tease) >
I shall be released
You ain’t goin nowhere
Ain’t no grave (tease)
Creepin Vine >
Hold back the flood >
Doubled all up in a knot >
Love is a tangle >
Mountain jam >
Lonesome whistle blow >
Chevy 39
Love trouble (tease) >
My gal
Lovely you

You can’t always get what you want
Hardcore >
Pump it up >
Trouble comin every day >
Lets dance, let’s shout, shake your body down to the ground >
Lost what they had

Freak advice: I strongly urge you to buy these live show downloads if you dig ’em like me & if so, you help out the Radiators as funds go to them with each sale. Thanks to Jon Hart & Eric Vandercar for recording, mix, etc.

Link: 1-18-2013 Radiators @ Tipitina’s (livedownloads)

Link: 1-19-2013 The Radiators @ Tipitina’s (livedownloads)


There’s stealth vids of all 4 sets shared by Special Agent #69. Here’s the finale one, the rest are easy to find.  Enjoy.

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1-18-2013 The Radiators @ Tipitina’s


At the time, one of my fondest dreams was wildly coming true as the Radiators (my fave freaking band of all time) was getting back together at our beloved home court Tipitina’s for 2 nights of their stupendously unpredictable greased up fluid driven fishhead cocktail music. Alas, this was upon us.  And subsequently we were on top of it.

The Rads, who actually rehearsed (possibly a first in their 33 & 1/3 years together), came out completely swinging leaving not a trace of doubt that they went out on top & were back fully freshened nastily with their epic electrifying display of their deepest hottest blazing music that has been the soundtrack to so many of our lives for decades.

The occasion at hand here was the 35th Anniversaries of both Tipitina’s & The Radiators simultaneously celebrated for 2 parties of the highest possible order.

Some of my fave peakitudes of the 1st set were the moistening mixer “Crazy Mona” > “Hey Mona” > “Crazy Mona”, “Wrong Road”, “Cocktail music” & “Like Dreamers do”.  My 2nd set high fliers were the opening triple whammy of livid “Lowlife”, sensual “Stealin a Feelin”, lethal “Little Sadie” & peppered with fiery “7 Devils” (here’s where I danced the most extreme), slyly seductive “Soul on Fire” & ripely rancor “Screwloose” encore finale.

This fever dream come true was first sparked many months prior & by the time the first notes were struck, there had been immense built up buzzed up hallucinatory feverish pitch. The anticipation was positively super charged with excitement swimming rampant amidst all the fans & friends & even band members as we were happily plotting rendezvous adventures & then converging from all over the map. Let’s do it again.

As seen here, our beloved recently departed dear friend & krewe king Karl Bremer was right up in the front row, as he should.

Rads 01/18/2013
New Orleans, LA

Art by Frenchy

Art by Frenchy

Set 1:
Law Of The Fish
Blind Crippled & Crazy
Crazy Mona->
Hey Mona->
Crazy Mona
Honey From The Bee
Wrong Road
Your Funeral and My Trial *
Bottle Of Red Wine
(Hey Y’all It’s Frankie’s Birthday)
Cocktail Music
City of Refugee >
Break On Through  >
City Of Refugee
I Don’t Speak Love **
American Woman (tease)
Shoot Out The Lights ** >
Nail Your Heart To Mine
Like Dreamers Do

Set 2:
Stealing A Feeling
Little Sadie
Early Bird Cafe ***
Seven Devils ***
Wild Horse ***
Sunglasses On ***
Soul On Fire ***
(Kenny’s Call Em Back)
Bring It On Home ***

* Sonny Boy Williamson song
** w/Darcy Malone Boye & Johnny Malone on backing vocals
***w/Mark Mullins on Trombone

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2-1-2012 Dark Star Orchestra @ First Avenue

CC Rider

DSO was opening their tour here detonating spin worthy Grateful Dead recreation right down the street from my abode. Walkable (danceable on the way home) lucid spastic delighting heady dance party at our best room in town. It’s no secret this Freak longs & loves to Dark Star (as an action verb).

The 1st Ave main erupted as DSO named “Southbound Winter Tour” opened feverishly with a dynamic freakadelica laced “Bertha” cascading spiraling into “Greatest story ever told”. We had lift off.  From there DSO explored regions like “Bird Song”, “Big railroad blues” ending on a high hitting head-on floor greeting “Music Never Stopped” > “Don’t Ease Me in”. Peeps were clearly flourishing in hallucinations & rhythms.

2nd set rumbled vivaciously to open with the highest octane fueled “China Cat Sunflower” > “I Know you rider” before slipping away from sanity to dropping down “Estimated Prophet” > “Terrapin Station” meltaway.  Also grazing astral goodness like “The Wheel”, & the savory “Sugar Magnolia”.

DSO 2-1-12 by Laura

Next the encore soared open with a goosebumps urging “(it’s all over now) Baby Blue” adding their lagniappe of freak fill raging to finale with a full tilt “Let it rock”.  We had splashdown.  Too much fun for humans.  Dance floor & ceiling were full.  Me too.

China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider

Freak FYI: The sweet hot show they remade was 4-19-1985 @ Philadelphia Civic. This was the DSO’s 2021st show.  That is absurdly cool.  Makes me wanna go on tour.

The Psychoactive Staff • We Freak.

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