Frogleg “Busy Checking In” 2017 review


Frogleg “Busy Checking In” 2017

A freaky review.

One of my true & quintessential joys of my existence comes from dancing wildly to my favorite ever freaking band from Minneapolis Frogleg. Their prolific exquisite eccentric music propels me in ways that defy nature & challenge gravity. As many who know me can imagine, I don’t need to listen repeatedly to this album to write my honest review. These Frogleg songs contained in here have been ringing in my ears & playing in my head all the time every day. Dancing brings myself unrestrained release & hence; expression. I’ve immersed my being in this inviting magical spellbinding music for the 21st century.


Here’s my own take on the songs: “Last Glass Fall” follows a wandersome soul who fights life’s demons & dragons while trying to persevere to a better place. “Homestead” beams of bestie style friendship with loyal nurturing quality time spent. A special one who shares in dark times turning back to the light. “Up in the Blue” speaks lucidly of love & freedom in a dreamlike sequence.

“Tommy & Isabelle” spins a beautiful tale of dreams & dashed hopes. “First thunder, first rain” sweetly celebrates spring & the turning of the mindset while lamenting the eventual winter, savoring summer & fall, hinting of wondrous nature & ritual. “Busy checking in” is a modern day poke at today’s obsessive digital culture & yearning for the potential of moving past it.

“Persephone” delves into myths of the past with it’s moving & in the end hopeful story. Captivating instrumental “Mash Pierre” serves the imagination with its frolicking adventurously cascading moods & changes. “Johnny Law” chronicles the much maligned nighttime roadside encounter with a nosy cop & a not so happy ending. Listen for Demitri’s frenetic explosive guitar solo right after the law gets handed the precious nugs. “In the Dust” resonates of a young man & his BMX bike that provides his simple joy while leaving his troubles behind him. Hence; in the dust. “Longing” is a sensory meandering tune of traveling thoughts, attraction & love just out of reach. On the blue vinyl release of this record are recorded live bonus tracks “In the Vines” & signature “Little Sleep” (found on Frogleg’s debut self titled release).



Chief songwriter (& guitarist) Joe Dunn has a miraculous ability to observe everyday things in real life & then transpose them articulately into truly fantastic songs. All members of the group are extraordinarily talented. Their chemistry is astounding.


I now know intimately the lyrics, changes, hooks, bridges, choruses, nuances & even have spun countless hours of experience, I’m only one of many many fans of the increasingly beloved Frogleg. The local music scene has been positively infused & strongly invigorated my the powerful funky presence of this rising band. Now they have become my brothers & near dear family. For this, I am forever fully blessed. In all my years of being a passionate mad dancing music fanatic, very few acts have ever moved me like Frogleg has. The future for them is getting brighter every day. This is what I live for.    ~Timmy the Freak


This record easily gets ****4 Smoking Bongs~ the freak’s highest possible rating. Enjoy with a friend or twenty. Freak on the dancefloor! Join me on tour!!


Frogleg on Facebook

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PreFreak: Dirty Dozen Brass Band @ The Dakota 4-23-17 mpls


Enjoy this wide ranging free form conversation with New Orleans’ own Kirk Joseph, who is the sousaphone extraordinaire of Dirty Dozen Brass Band. The world renowned festive groundbreaking band has an amazing story, historic legacy & a truly lasting influence. Celebrating their 40th anniversary, DDBB continues to thrive today & into the future.


Kirk & I have been friends for over 20 years. We take great pleasure in deeply talking about music, our adventures, various cultural insights & just about anything whenever possible. The Dirty Dozen will be performing funky night “services” at the Dakota on Sun. April 23, 2017 at 6 & 8pm.

Join us for this fully energized dance party celebration of epic proportions.
~Timmy the Freak

Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Sun. April 23, 2016, 6pm & 8pm
The Dakota Jazz Club


Here’s the exclusive podcast of my interview of DDBB’s founding member & sousaphonist Kirk Joseph, that was created by Brave New Radio.

Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Buy tix here.

Event page:



~Timothy Paul Smith :: BRAVE NEW RADIO

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PreFreak: Nicholas David @ The Dakota 3-16-17 mpls


For a genuine gist of who my friend Nick aka Nicholas David is, look no further than his aptly earned nickname The Feelin’. Nick the Feelin’ is the warmest, most soulful human beacon of exquisite voice, musicianship & beaming presence on the vibrant Minneapolis Saint Paul music scene. And has been for well over a decade. I trust that I’m largely preaching to the choir here.

Think of Nicholas as a master muse soul star shiny sherpa musically guiding music lovers on exotic adventures like his moving amazing blazing live performances. His always dynamic style & distinctive golden voice have only gotten sweeter with time.

Upon launching his earliest career here on our fertile local scene, Nick gravitationally rose to greater opportunities like making it to the finals of the Voice TV show in 2012. It’s been a pleasure watching Nick live out his dreams from when we first met to gaining an immense national & international prominence & now beyond. Nicholas David puts his whole heart into his music exactly every time. This passion becomes him. His freedom shines.


The Feelin’ will give you the feelin’

The exciting stellar band that Nick has assembled is truly a dream team bringing in Ryan Young (of Trampled By Turtles) on fiddle, Vic Volare, Mike Cini & Billy McLaughlin on guitar. This Dakota show is a benefit for a great cause, which is the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation. Dystonia is a devastating condition that the aforementioned legendary Twin Cities guitarist Billy McLaughlin has suffered from.

I can’t urge you enough to come experience this sultry special evening of music by Nicholas David & his dear friends on Thu. March 16, 2017 for shows at 7pm & 9pm. The Feelin’ will give you the feelin’. Know this to be true.

Nicholas David, Ryan Young, Mike Cini feat. Billy McLaughlin
Thu. March 16, 2017, 7pm & 9pm
The Dakota Jazz Club 

Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Event page:

Nicholas David on FB:

~Timothy Paul Smith :: BRAVE NEW RADIO ::


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PreFreak: The Subdudes @ The Dakota 3-11-17 mpls


A number of Jazzfests ago in New Orleans, it just so happened the Subdudes were playing right before Crosby, Stills & Nash at a major stage. Please allow me to share with you a story. During the fiercely impassioned Subdudes set, guitarist singer songslinger Tommy Malone broke a string. After the song something unusual happened on stage instantly. Saintly (Subdudes fan) Stephen Stills was about to send his guitar tech out with one of his axes to lend but then decided to deliver it to Tommy at the front of stage himself. That was a sweet gesture drawing wild cheers from the festive crowd. Not to mention a huge surprised grin from Tommy. Stephen & the band had been watching intently from the side stage.

As you can see here, the ‘Dudes have made fans at the highest echelons of the music world. Their fans come in all categories from the casual listening fan to classic rock & roll royalty. The Subdudes’ lively live shows are jaw dropping & warmly dance friendly. Come see how & why.


The Subdudes
Sat. March 11, 2017, 7:30pm
The Dakota Jazz Club

To fully experience the soulful roots driven rock & New Orleans swamp steeped high octane hybrid sensation The Subdudes, please come by on Saturday, March 11, 2017 as they bring their captivating seductive sounds & deeply satisfying irresistible grooves to our own exquisite The Dakota stage at 7:30pm. Feel & indulge in some home stewed Louisiana music & culture . For you discerning music lovers, this is a dream come true evening of fun to be had & magic to be made.  Befriend the muse.


The Subdudes capture with their deep New Orleans roots

Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Event page:

subdudes on FB:

~Timothy Paul Smith :: BRAVE NEW RADIO ::


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PreFreak: Dobet Gnahoré @ The Dakota 2-17-17 mpls


Dobet Gnahoré is a young true visionary living the dream of music & dance & celebration of her expansive African culture. She is a highly dynamic talent who has brightly & wonderfully emerged from the Ivory Coast of Africa. Dobet’s father is a legendary percussionist who remains influential & active (often playing with his daughter). Dobet grew up in a very unique artistic enclave in her home village surrounded by nurturing creative family & friends. Fleeing civil war at home, she resettled in France in 1999. She has acquired immense experience & skills from years of performing on stages & at festivals throughout the world.


Dobet has been nicely described as a voice of the future. She has honed her art from a young age combining live music, dance, movement, energy, healing, love, inspiration, imagination, vision, family & even social concerns. Beginning as a dancer, singer & percussionist, she continues to immerse herself in this destined performing career. At its core, her inner muse is expressed when she performs. Versed in at least 6 African languages, Dobet’s mastery & luminous voice have no perceivable limits. This is music for all the senses. It is to its roots emotional. Bringing you along on a surreal journey. It’s as honest as the truth. The authentic vibrance comes to life. The power captivates & thrills while still allowing for escape & indulgence. Find out for yourself.

Dobet Gnahoré
Fri. February 17, 2017, 7pm 9pm
The Dakota Jazz Club


Don’t miss this stunning evening of music driven joy. Dobet hypnotically presents her beautiful voice as its own musical instrument. The naturally occurring collaborative result will give you the urge to dance. Don’t resist this. I believe this feeling is meant it for you who are moved physically.

Whether you are privy to African music & culture or you are merely curious, this is sure to be an extraordinary rhythm soaked euphoric experience. Enter the fantastic world of Dobet Gnahoré & her band on Friday, February 17, 2017 as they create lively heart warming body emboldening magical music in our downtown world class “living room” the Dakota stage for shows at 7pm & 9pm. Come celebrate Africa “the mother of all living”.

Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Event page:

Dobet Gnahoré on FB:

~Timothy Paul Smith :: BRAVE NEW RADIO ::

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PreFreak: Hayes Carll @ The Dakota 2-14-17 mpls

Rootsy Texas singer songwriter Hayes Carll has been known to have positively profound effects on his captive audience. I will share this true story.  Hayes was playing a 2 hour show in Austin & prior to that had been hanging with a musician friend who happened to tell some really bad Arkansas jokes. So Hayes reluctantly told these terrible jokes to help fill the time, a first in 9 years he confessed. At the end of his show, Carll noticed everybody had fancy drinks & there was a huge tip in his tip jar. Turns out, a rich guy from Arkansas who owns a giant chicken company loved the set & bought 2 rounds of drinks for the entire place on top the tip. Hayes later met the benefactor to thank him. And he later said “It wasn’t a total waste” as he wrote an oddly prolific song called “Chickens”. (see below) Hayes also commented that “this stuff never happens to me”. I must add, well, now is does Hayes & very deservedly so.


Hayes Carll
Tue. February 14, 2017, 9:30pm
The Dakota Jazz Club

In a very real & grassroots fashion Hayes Carll has steadily risen up through the years. His music rings authentic & in real time yet timeless in nature. His loyal base of fans are on the uptick due to good old word of mouth.  The best advertising in most every biz. Hayes Carll has recently birthed his 5th studio record & his obscurity is fading these days as his music is reaching more people all the time. He’s a spontaneous wonderful performer.


Whether you attend to celebrate Valentine’s or not, this will be a twangy captivating evening that is sure to be exquisitely entertaining & mesmerizingly memorable. This is a show not to miss. Experience Hayes Carll on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 lighting up the comfy cozy Dakota stage at 9:30pm. This is your call to action.

Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Event page

Hayes Carll on FB:

~Timothy Paul Smith :: BRAVE NEW RADIO ::

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PreFreak: Davina & the Vagabonds @ The Dakota NYE 12-31-16 mpls

There is a new buzzword going around the Twin Cities music scene &  among the greater world: Davina. Yes, Davina Sowers is becoming more & more of an icon in the making all the time. Her songwriting prowess joined with her enigmatic firebrand delivery fuel countless live shows & exuberant recordings. Davina forges a unique dreamy vintage soundscape that mostly defies description begging to be heard by any & all. The band lives for this, rejoicing in their well deserved rise to greater heights in popularity & talent.


Davina & the Vagabonds
Sat. December 31, 2016, 6pm & 10:30pm
The Dakota Jazz Club

Davina & the Vagabonds create a spirited excitable charm & feverish vibe when experienced by the audience. They are ever lively, spontaneous, unpredictable & always celebrating the moment until the next one comes along. This band celebrates history & subsequently makes history all at once. No easy feat by any means.

DATV fabulously return to the Dakota for what is sure to be one of the very best top notch New Year’s Eve shows in the Twin Cities & beyond. As hometown fans, we couldn’t be more enthralled for this special night to vibrantly celebrate entering a new fresh year.

To say Davina is going places would be an extreme understatement. The band keeps adding new countries & cities to the vastly growing list of places they’ve played. Hitting Europe every few months alone sets a wildly enthusiastic pace. Let’s just say: It’s ON!


Knowing these musicians personally has very much enhanced my appreciation & heightened my perception as a fan, a friend & a music lover. This has me processing these blessings as unrivaled joy.

Ring in 2017 with the unstoppable DATV at your downtown living room The Dakota. The participatory fun ensues with 2 epic thrill ride shows. Early Dinner show @ 6pm & Cocktail show @ 10:30pm blasting into the new chapter of 2017. Minneapolis: Prepare for lift-off!

Listen here to an exclusive “Coming to the Dakota” podcast of my candid interview of DATV’s founding mastermind & charismatic leader Davina Sowers, that was created by Brave New Radio. During the casual exchange, we touched on topics like passion, life, music, family, hopes & dreams. Enjoy the conversation.


Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Event pages:
6pm Dinner show (click for special NYE menu):
10:30pm Cocktail show (including party favors, food & drink):

Also: Davina & the Vagabonds play the Dakota on Sun. Jan. 1, 2017 7pm.


~Timothy Paul Smith :: BRAVE NEW RADIO ::


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