PreFreak: Dobet Gnahoré @ The Dakota 2-17-17 mpls


Dobet Gnahoré is a young true visionary living the dream of music & dance & celebration of her expansive African culture. She is a highly dynamic talent who has brightly & wonderfully emerged from the Ivory Coast of Africa. Dobet’s father is a legendary percussionist who remains influential & active (often playing with his daughter). Dobet grew up in a very unique artistic enclave in her home village surrounded by nurturing creative family & friends. Fleeing civil war at home, she resettled in France in 1999. She has acquired immense experience & skills from years of performing on stages & at festivals throughout the world.


Dobet has been nicely described as a voice of the future. She has honed her art from a young age combining live music, dance, movement, energy, healing, love, inspiration, imagination, vision, family & even social concerns. Beginning as a dancer, singer & percussionist, she continues to immerse herself in this destined performing career. At its core, her inner muse is expressed when she performs. Versed in at least 6 African languages, Dobet’s mastery & luminous voice have no perceivable limits. This is music for all the senses. It is to its roots emotional. Bringing you along on a surreal journey. It’s as honest as the truth. The authentic vibrance comes to life. The power captivates & thrills while still allowing for escape & indulgence. Find out for yourself.

Dobet Gnahoré
Fri. February 17, 2017, 7pm 9pm
The Dakota Jazz Club


Don’t miss this stunning evening of music driven joy. Dobet hypnotically presents her beautiful voice as its own musical instrument. The naturally occurring collaborative result will give you the urge to dance. Don’t resist this. I believe this feeling is meant it for you who are moved physically.

Whether you are privy to African music & culture or you are merely curious, this is sure to be an extraordinary rhythm soaked euphoric experience. Enter the fantastic world of Dobet Gnahoré & her band on Friday, February 17, 2017 as they create lively heart warming body emboldening magical music in our downtown world class “living room” the Dakota stage for shows at 7pm & 9pm. Come celebrate Africa “the mother of all living”.

Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Event page:

Dobet Gnahoré on FB:

~Timothy Paul Smith :: BRAVE NEW RADIO ::

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PreFreak: Hayes Carll @ The Dakota 2-14-17 mpls

Rootsy Texas singer songwriter Hayes Carll has been known to have positively profound effects on his captive audience. I will share this true story.  Hayes was playing a 2 hour show in Austin & prior to that had been hanging with a musician friend who happened to tell some really bad Arkansas jokes. So Hayes reluctantly told these terrible jokes to help fill the time, a first in 9 years he confessed. At the end of his show, Carll noticed everybody had fancy drinks & there was a huge tip in his tip jar. Turns out, a rich guy from Arkansas who owns a giant chicken company loved the set & bought 2 rounds of drinks for the entire place on top the tip. Hayes later met the benefactor to thank him. And he later said “It wasn’t a total waste” as he wrote an oddly prolific song called “Chickens”. (see below) Hayes also commented that “this stuff never happens to me”. I must add, well, now is does Hayes & very deservedly so.


Hayes Carll
Tue. February 14, 2017, 9:30pm
The Dakota Jazz Club

In a very real & grassroots fashion Hayes Carll has steadily risen up through the years. His music rings authentic & in real time yet timeless in nature. His loyal base of fans are on the uptick due to good old word of mouth.  The best advertising in most every biz. Hayes Carll has recently birthed his 5th studio record & his obscurity is fading these days as his music is reaching more people all the time. He’s a spontaneous wonderful performer.


Whether you attend to celebrate Valentine’s or not, this will be a twangy captivating evening that is sure to be exquisitely entertaining & mesmerizingly memorable. This is a show not to miss. Experience Hayes Carll on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 lighting up the comfy cozy Dakota stage at 9:30pm. This is your call to action.

Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Event page

Hayes Carll on FB:

~Timothy Paul Smith :: BRAVE NEW RADIO ::

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PreFreak: Davina & the Vagabonds @ The Dakota NYE 12-31-16 mpls

There is a new buzzword going around the Twin Cities music scene &  among the greater world: Davina. Yes, Davina Sowers is becoming more & more of an icon in the making all the time. Her songwriting prowess joined with her enigmatic firebrand delivery fuel countless live shows & exuberant recordings. Davina forges a unique dreamy vintage soundscape that mostly defies description begging to be heard by any & all. The band lives for this, rejoicing in their well deserved rise to greater heights in popularity & talent.


Davina & the Vagabonds
Sat. December 31, 2016, 6pm & 10:30pm
The Dakota Jazz Club

Davina & the Vagabonds create a spirited excitable charm & feverish vibe when experienced by the audience. They are ever lively, spontaneous, unpredictable & always celebrating the moment until the next one comes along. This band celebrates history & subsequently makes history all at once. No easy feat by any means.

DATV fabulously return to the Dakota for what is sure to be one of the very best top notch New Year’s Eve shows in the Twin Cities & beyond. As hometown fans, we couldn’t be more enthralled for this special night to vibrantly celebrate entering a new fresh year.

To say Davina is going places would be an extreme understatement. The band keeps adding new countries & cities to the vastly growing list of places they’ve played. Hitting Europe every few months alone sets a wildly enthusiastic pace. Let’s just say: It’s ON!


Knowing these musicians personally has very much enhanced my appreciation & heightened my perception as a fan, a friend & a music lover. This has me processing these blessings as unrivaled joy.

Ring in 2017 with the unstoppable DATV at your downtown living room The Dakota. The participatory fun ensues with 2 epic thrill ride shows. Early Dinner show @ 6pm & Cocktail show @ 10:30pm blasting into the new chapter of 2017. Minneapolis: Prepare for lift-off!

Listen here to an exclusive “Coming to the Dakota” podcast of my candid interview of DATV’s founding mastermind & charismatic leader Davina Sowers, that was created by Brave New Radio. During the casual exchange, we touched on topics like passion, life, music, family, hopes & dreams. Enjoy the conversation.


Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Event pages:
6pm Dinner show (click for special NYE menu):
10:30pm Cocktail show (including party favors, food & drink):

Also: Davina & the Vagabonds play the Dakota on Sun. Jan. 1, 2017 7pm.


~Timothy Paul Smith :: BRAVE NEW RADIO ::


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PreFreak: Davina & the Vagabonds @ The Dakota 10-31-16 mpls


Davina Sowers is a true powerhouse among today’s women singer songwriters. Over the years, her profoundly talented band Davina & the Vagabonds have amassed countless fans while achieving international presence & touring status. That said, Minneapolis is blessed to be the chosen hometown of Davina along with her fantastic fun accomplices. Here is a chance to come witness DATV’s well deserved success at the Dakota for upcoming shows on Oct. 31, Nov. 25, & Dec. 31st. I couldn’t urge you enough to attend & indulge in this moving soul provoking musical experience. Swing on in.

Davina & the Vagabonds
Mon. October 31, 2016, 7pm & 9pm
The Dakota Jazz Club

Davina’s sultry saucy personality combined with her vintage stylish eccentricities fuel her energy enriched sensory pleasing beaming live performances. Davina & the Vagabonds have played almost all of the United States, some Canadian provinces & ten European nations with much more on the global horizon. A warm welcome is in order for Davina & the Vagabonds to the intimate setting of the Dakota on Mon. October 31, 2016 at 7 & 9pm. Treat yourself & those you love to this enchanting entertaining mystical music & merriment on stage.

Here is an exclusive podcast of my interview of DATV’s founder & dynamic leader Davina Sowers, that was created by Brave New Radio. During the flowing conversation, we touched on topics like passion, life, music, family, hopes & dreams. Have a listen.

Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Event page: (Listen to podcast here)


~Timothy Paul Smith ::

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PreFreak: Mississippi album release @ the Dakota 10-17-16 mpls


The unique musical collaborative project known as Mississippi sonically bridges South America’s Peru with North America’s Minnesota to bring about a compelling aural tapestry of lush savory improvisational jazz meets fusion. This diversely adventurous group has been playing together since 2006 & is made up of Andrés Prado (of Peru) on guitar, Pete Whitman on saxes, Peter Schimke on piano, Jeff Bailey on bass & Kevin Washington on drums.

Mississippi feat. Andrés Prado Album Release
The Dakota Jazz Club
Mon. October 17, 2016  7pm


The highly anticipated debut self titled record “Mississippi” has just dropped (released 10/14/16 on Shifting Paradigm Records). Here is a link to find it. Discover the radiant beauty of this blossoming stellar album & feel it’s true emotional wonders by witnessing these talented fusioneers live to really grasp what this music & vibe are all about. This press quote captures them vividly: “The music of Mississippi may be described as an intense blend of colors & eclectic traditions that include modern jazz, festejo & hip hop influences. Wild & burnin’ one moment, soft & sweet the next… this group has an emotional and creative range that is not to be missed.”


With the roots of this flowing cerebrally pleasing project spanning the Americas, the end result is a gratifying excitable mix of hybrid jazz styles that will inevitably dazzle & entertain. The extensive growing jazz community of the Twin Cities is certainly delighted for the return of Mississippi to the intimate soundstage at the Dakota on Mon. October 17, 2016 at 7pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch these rising legends in the making in their mesmerizing live element. Mississippi will wind & twist you to delta of joy & sound.

Here is an exclusive podcast of an interview of Mississippi’s keyboardist Peter Schimke made ahead of this show by Brave New Radio. The local piano master took a moment to talk about the project. Listen in.


Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Event page:
Mississippi on FB:

~Timothy Paul Smith ::

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PreFreak: Squirrel Nut Zippers@ the Dakota 10-7&8-16 mpls


The Swing Revival of the early 1990s in the United States was truly spearheaded by the exuberant vintage toned highly energized Squirrel Nut Zippers, which were formed in 1991 by Jimbo Mathus & his then wife Katharine Whalen in North Carolina. Their fun moving stylistic music sounds like a wild hybrid of romping heated 20’s swing, eclectic gypsy jazz, depression era blues, roaring dance rhythms & even calypso abounding. The SNZs are now coming back 20 years on for anniversary of their platinum smash album “Hot” released in 1996.


Squirrel Nut Zippers
The Dakota Jazz Club
Fri. October 7 & Sat. October 8, 2016  7pm, 9pm

Upon formation by bandleader Jimbo Mathus, The Squirrel Nut Zippers’ meteoric rising success started in 1995 with their first record “The Inevitable”. Their highest peak was reached the following summer of 1996 when they unleashed their biggest album to date “Hot” featuring hit single “Hell” (recorded in New Orleans). Starting off as essentially a string band with horns added, this served as a unique timely model poised for national & international acclaim & success.

My friend Luther Dickinson from the North Mississippi Allstars introduced me to Jimbo Mathus many years ago in New Orleans backstage at a show by the South Memphis String Band comprised of Luther, Jimbo & Alvin Youngblood Hart. I could tell right away looking into Jimbo’s eyes that he was a truly gifted lifelong musician led by his constant passion to play & create music whenever & wherever he could.  Since the Squirrel Nut Zippers are the most well known band Jimbo has played in, dare I say yet, I am beyond excited for this ramped up revival of one of the most fun & engaging groups to emerge in my lifetime.  Jimbo says this 2016 version of his band has him very “fired up” & he expects them to be solid for a good long time. That’s music to my ears.


The Zippers are coming in hot for this highly touted celebratory live tour. The band is extremely excited to fire up the sensational swing once again. Don’t miss their greatly anticipated 2 nights of shows at the Dakota on Fri. October 7 & Sat. October 8, 2016. Each evening SNZ will thrill crowds with 2 exhilarating shows at 7 & 9pm. The swing will be swung.

Here is a mini podcast of Squirrel Nut Zipper made in advance of these shows by Brave New Radio:


Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Event page:

SNZ on FB:

~Timothy Paul Smith ::

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PreFreak: Fred Eaglesmith @ the Dakota 9-27-16 mpls


Suddenly, I want the whole wide world to know about the true to life dirt road troubadour Fred Eaglesmith from rural Canada. Fred is an eccentric real life seasoned songwriter & gifted performer. He has been on the road for over 40 years penning original songs (making for 22 albums +) & sharing stories & experiences that would seem like enough to fill several lifetimes. Fred started his roving adventuresome career when he first left home jumping a freight train westward as a young teenager. He hasn’t stopped yet nor does he intend to any time soon.

Fred Eaglesmith
The Dakota Jazz Club
Tue. September 27, 2016  7pm

Fred calls his touring band Fred Eaglesmith & his Traveling Steam Show features his lovely talented multi instrumentalist wife Tif Ginn. Eaglesmith has become very comfortable playing small towns & small bars, halls, living rooms, & the like where he always finds loyal fans who identify with his stories, songs & his overall authenticity at large. Fred has set his own bar his own way always on his own terms. His unique compelling songs tell his stories providing insight to the colorful rambling life he’s lived.


Fred’s been likened to being the Canadian gritty rootsy answer to the US’s Springsteen. I can see where someone would get that. Much of his songs’ subject matter is dark & stark as evidenced by songs like “trucker speed”, “alcohol & pills” & “crashin & burnin”. Fred’s genius is singing about human hardship in ways where we the listeners actually feel better afterwards. Over time, Eaglesmith has garnered a slowly growing cult following where these super fans are known as Fred-heads.

I can hear it now in my head. My own voice with northern drawl intact detailing outrageous stories around a surreal campfire surrounded by my expanding circle. Listening back, I feel that Fred Eaglesmith has inspired me in a profound way even in my growing hungry fertile imagination. Fred, if you’re reading this, please consider this a deservingly huge  compliment.

The fiercely independent minded musician mostly doesn’t participate in the music industry, except to plug in & play nearly 300 shows a year.  Here’s your chance to catch one of these truly intimate performances. Come hear the increasingly iconic Fred Eaglesmith at the Dakota on Tues. September 27, 2016 at 7pm.  Experience a real legend.

Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

The Dakota event link: Fred Eaglesmith

~Timothy Paul Smith ::

Dar Williams covering Fred Eaglesmith

Fred Eaglesmith Traveling Steam Show on Facebook

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