Freak Speaks with Luther Dickinson 01/13/08

Freak Speaks with Luther Dickinson of 
North Mississippi All-Stars & The Black Crowes

stardate: 01/13/08

FreakIntro: Probably the nicest guy on the planet, Luther shines like an exuberant teenager as he excitedly rolls thru his busy bustling passion fuelled life of music, travel, love, companionship, adventure, friendship & so much more beyond these. This impromptu conversation rambles along casually with the true authenticity of Luther’s happy upbeat warm personality. Let’s have a hear.

Wayne’s transcriber note: Hello dear Readers: the conversation opens after Luther recounted to Timmy how he’d been feeling under the weather when they were scheduled to chat the day before this recording, so they’re catching up now.  As you can tell from his conversation & the plans he discusses with The Freak, Luther is feeling much better…

Timmy the Freak: Cool, man, well, thanks for calling, thanks for talking to us on such short notice, I really appreciate that.

Luther: Of course!  No problem, man.

Timmy: So you guys are out in Colorado doing the Ski Jam (Steamboat).

Luther: Yep.

Timmy: You did it last night, I guess.

Luther: Yeah, and we’re going to E Town today (syndicated grassroots radio show {etown(.)org} from Boulder).

Timmy: That’s another one of my favorite radio shows, it’s awesome.

Luther: Yeah, it’s a great one, I’m proud to be on there.

Timmy: So cool, man.  We literally have millions of things to talk about.  Thinking about last year (2007), one of my favorite shows was seeing you guys’ set (North Mississippi Allstars) on the riverboat (Creole Queen) cruise at (New Orleans) JazzFest time!

Luther: Yeah, that was fun!

Timmy: It was so cool.  I’ve seen a lot of riverboat shows, but not quite like that.  I think I remember being backstage, saying to everybody (in the band), “You’ve GOTTA make this an annual event!”

Luther: Yeah, that’s a great idea!

Timmy: I know it’s a little impossible to make Jazz Fest an annual event for any band, but if you can get away with it! [Do it!] (both laugh)  So that was a great one, & then after the show I loved getting to chill with you & your wife on the boat.

Luther: That was nice.

Timmy: We were on the riverside, & on the boat, & we didn’t really think about the fact that we were (anchored) at the dock!

Luther: I know, that was the most relaxin’ time right there.

Timmy: It really was, it was great!  So all these things are getting busy—you’re dropping the new North Mississippi Allstars album entitled “Hernando” (named after their tiny hometown in Mississippi) on the (January) 22nd, it looks like.
Luther: Yeah!

Timmy: And by the way, that’s a full moon.

Luther: Beautiful, beautiful!

Timmy: And so you’ve got some more gigs before that.  Then you’ve got your CD release date show, like right in your backyard, it looks like.

Luther: Yeah, & then we’ll hit the road.  It’s all pretty much started yesterday, but we’ll start in force on the 22nd, that’s when we get on the bus, & then we’ll be out for five weeks doing that, and then we’re going to take a break and I’ll go overseas with the (Black) Crowes, and then come back and join up with my fellows (the Allstars) again.  I’m just going to be on the road forever, man!

Timmy: Right (on)!

Luther: I love it!

foto: Jesse Brodd - Wakarusa

Timmy: That’s really exciting, man.  I’m so excited to see that you’re joining up with the Crowes, & I know you’ve been friends with them for a long time, & you’ve played with them, now you’ve recorded with them, it’s great, & I just love to see what (happens) when musicians rise up in their… (overcome with emotion, the Freak trails off and Luther finishes the sentence for him)..

Luther: Adventures!  That’s what I call it, it’s just different musical adventures & journeys.

Timmy: Right, you know, I’ve got a number of friends who are in multiple bands, & they tell me that it’s a great way for them to keep up their chops on all different levels.  You’ve got this kind of music in one group, totally other music here– it’s just a win-win situation for musicians & for fans, because (sometimes) we get multiple chances to see a musician come to town with different bands.

Luther: And different chemistries bring out different musical things, you know what I mean?  I play differently with the Allstars than I played with John Hiatt, & with the Black Crowes, & that’s really cool.

Timmy: Right, you know, just throwin’ out names, you were doing stuff with The Word (project featuring Robert Randolph, John Medeski, and the Allstars) , & that’s going good, I hear the reviews are great from all those shows.

Luther: That tour was bad!

Timmy: You’re working with, or you’ve done some stuff with Spencer Dickinson (Jon Spencer).

Luther: Yeah!

Timmy: You’ve worked with Afrossippi, right?

Luther: No, I know those cats, but I’ve never worked with them.

Timmy: Okay. I just like to tie all these names in with other times I’ve talked to you.  That’s great, so you’re going to Australia & then Europe with the Crowes.  You’ve got a big year coming around.  There’s no way to even think about looking into any kind of crystal ball, because you just want the future to kind of unfold without coaxing it too much, you know?

Luther: Yeah, keep being curious!

Timmy: Yeah.  So things are moving along really quickly (for you), there’s a lot ahead.  As far as traveling goes, what are some of your favorite destinations that you’ve gone to?

Luther: Oh, wow! Like in America, you know, New Orleans is always fun.  San Francisco’s a great music scene.  Colorado is always.. just as a whole—like, what other state can you tour in for like, two weeks, and just have a ball every night?  Colorado’s off the chain!  New York City, some towns just have a music vibe that you can feel in the air, & New York City has that.  I love playing down South, you know, all the great college towns are always the best.

Timmy: That’s great, that’s a good list!  What about places that you haven’t gone yet that you just really want to go to?

Luther: You know, I’ve been really blessed—I can’t even remember how many times I’ve gotten to play Red Rocks, & we’ve gotten to play Jazz Fest, or open up for somebody–  opening up for the Allman Brothers in The Shed, you know, that’s a dream come true right there!

Timmy: Totally.  I was just remembering, going back a couple years, when you guys (NMAs) opened up for the Crowes for New Years Eve at Madison Square Garden, I got to be there, which was amazing, too, but gawd, what a great night that was!  And I’d never been there myself, I’d never been to that building.

Luther: Me neither!  That’s a huge milestone, man!

Timmy: This place (MSG) was quoted as the best venue in the United States for like, gawd knows how many years in a row, & just the excitement, (&) those big confetti cannons in the corners!   That show was one of the highlights of my life, to be honest.

Luther: I’m glad, bro!  But you know what I forgot, is that all the great festivals, man, they’re really my favorite!  I love the festivals more than anything.  I love getting to hear all the other bands, & you know, have people sit in with us, so overall, I have to say that overall, the festival circuit is my favorite thing.

Timmy: Cool, man, I’d have to agree.  It’s just that kind of relaxed feeling.  Harmony Park’s got it.  Even big things like Jazz Fest has got it.  And High Sierra, they’ve really tapped into something, & they’re doing it right. 10,000 Lakes is coming up on six years.  Jazz Fest, I think, is thirty-nine years!

Luther: Wow.

Timmy: These have been around a long time, so they really have adjusted to the bands, & new generations coming around, & they’re seeing the big picture, like you said, for (the great outdoors) being the natural place for music to be, I think.

Luther: Exactly!

Timmy: And to expand on that a little bit, I mean, this isn’t a festival, but I think we talked about this a little bit one time.  It would be so cool to see a traveling riverboat thing that would start, in say, Minnesota, and go all the way down through (Iowa &) Hannibal, Missouri, & down into Mississippi & (end in) New Orleans.  And I know it might take a while, & the logistics might be hard to figure out, but—

Luther: Yeah!  Wouldn’t that be the bomb?

Timmy: Where you could go like two weeks from Minnesota to New Orleans in a riverboat.  Maybe not just one band, but like, three or four bands, or something.

Luther: That’d be great, Timmy!  That’s a f*ckin’ genius idea!

Timmy: (laughing) Yeah, we’ve gotta put some juice into that one!  Oh, yeah, I wanted to ask you about—if there was anywhere I could have been this year at New Years, it would have been hot Lanta for the Soul Stew Revival that you guys (NMAs) opened up for, which is Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi’s supergroup where they combined their bands together.

Luther: I love that group, man, Jezus Criss!  The material they do is so nuts!

Timmy: I’ve been hearing about it, & they’ve really started to develop it now, & this was just a big New Years show with you guys— I was reading about it on the Internet & whatnot, & people were saying that it was the best show they’d ever seen, & all this stuff.  If finances would’ve allowed it & I could’ve been anywhere, like I said, I would’ve been there (& lovin’ it!).  But I wanted to ask you about that show.

Luther: It was really fun.  And we’ve never been to The Fox (theater venue in Atlanta) before.  That’s a beautiful place!  And I’ve gotta tell you, man, Derek has really shown me the path in a certain way, good use of a real amplifier distortion as opposed to using a distortion pedal.

Timmy: Right.

Luther: If you can wean yourself off a distortion pedal & crank your amp up, there’s just nothing like it.  And he totally showed me the way.  It was really, really, really cool.  I’ve been experimenting with it for a while, you know, for about three months now, and you know, we got to talk about it some more, & I just really owe him for that.  Derek, and Warren (Haynes), they’re such good teachers just by hanging out with them, you know?  Just talking and hanging out.

Timmy: I go back really far with Derek, too, I saw him when he was fourteen at some little club in Fort Lauderdale, & (afterward) I just knew I needed to walk up to him outside and introduce myself.  And Warren, I was similarly, I was blessed to meet him early on in like, 1989, that’s when I started my relationship with the Allman Brothers.  I had friends that worked for them & I just got in the inside groove a little bit.  So I’ve known Warren since ’89, and Derek since I don’t know when (96?), so luckily, when the scene was more intimate & a little bit smaller, I was able to really kind of be right there at the door.

Luther: That’s nice!

Timmy: That really helped me, & it means a lot to me.

Luther: Yeah, that’s right!  I figure the first time I met Warren, we did a show together, man, I was like probably seventeen, & he remembers, man, & we talk about that all the time!  We had a band called (Pick Up the Pace?), & he always says, “That was so cool, man!”  So I’ve known Warren a looong time, you know?!

Timmy: And he’s come so far, too.  Like every time I hear something about him, he’s doing some other thing, & it’s (always) amazing.  That’ll help out his career like getting all these places that maybe he wouldn’t necessarily make it to, so that’s really cool.

Luther: He’s a valuable team player, you know?

Timmy: Oh, yeah!  You know, he is—the way I see it, if you’re looking for a scene guru or something, I think Warren, he’s kind of got that elder statesman kind of vibe to him, you know.

Luther: Oh, yeah, he does.

Timmy: I don’t know if he would want to be that, but he just seems like a good leader of the whole shebang, you know?

Luther: Yeah, definitely.

Timmy: You know, I thought we should talk a little bit about writing songs, collaborating, and so on—

Luther: Cool!  Well, writing is like an ongoing thing, you know, it’s like, you never can tell, (when inspiration will strike) like at a soundcheck, or we’ll just come up with a riff or a groove, & we’re like, “Oh, sh*t!  Grab the phone!”  Because we save all our riffs on our phones!

Timmy: (marveling at the idea) Oh, cool.

Luther: And so then, also I’ve started using a laptop, & that really helped me out a lot, too, just organizing like a hundred different ideas & trying to put them all together.  But as far as writing, my favorite stuff on our new record is the collaborative stuff, you know?  I mean, stuff the three of us come up with is so much different than anything I’d come up with by myself, & so much more natural for the band to play, so collaboration is a big thing.  I usually spend a lot of time to put the songs together, & write the words, but still, I couldn’t do it without the other fellows, you know?

Timmy: Right, it sort of echoes what Bob Weir said when I interviewed him not too long ago, he was like (ad lib), “You know, I write by myself, but I also write with the group & I think I like the stuff with the group better because they throw ideas in there that I wouldn’t have come up with,” and that’s great.

Luther: And I’ve trained myself, also, not to–  even when I’m writing by myself, I’ll just get it to a certain skeletal point, & then I’ll bring it to the band.  Because it’s so much hipper when this band makes it into a whole, than to try & teach the band something that’s already put together, when what the band will come up with is so much more hip!

Timmy: Right, you wait for the band to get together before you dot your i’s and cross your t’s.

Luther: Exactly!  And they play it live, & it’s really hard hittin’!

Timmy: Yeah, even in my writing when I write articles, I sometimes think (to myself), “Yeah, don’t hold onto this so tight,” because in the next draft of what you’re doing, this could be gone…” So I guess I see some parallels there with any writing, compared to music writing.  What about like, studio (work)?  Do you have any studio rituals, or anything like that?

Luther: Man, our home studio’s at my dad’s (Luther and Cody’s dad Jim Dickinson) place.  I could be home, off for like a week or two, but it’s not until we do a session in the studio that I really feel like I’m at home, man.  That place is like (our church), (with) our family there, it’s the fellowship hall.  That’s where it all goes down, & it just means the world to me.  As far as our music goes, I don’t have any aspirations to record anywhere else.  I think the vibe of it, & the sonic quality of it, in this day and age, that’s more important than anything, you know?

Timmy: Oh, yeah.  You’re right, & I don’t think a lot of people realize that or talk about that.

Luther: Yeah, it means a lot.  Because think about it, so many people love live (music), & so I think when a lot of people write a record, you don’t want a perfect sounding record.  You want something with character.

Timmy: Yeah, definitely.  You want something with some different moods, & maybe it’s a party record that builds up as it goes.

Luther: Yeah!

Timmy: So you’re talking about (the studio of) Zebra Ranch, right? [ZebraRanch()com]

Luther: Yeah, exactly.  And another key (approach) that we’ve gotten better at over the years, is to go ahead & commit to record it live, & just lay it down & stop f*ckin’ with it, you know?

Timmy: Right! 
Luther: That’s the key—if you can do it, DO IT!  Keep it honest.

Timmy: I used to say that about—I used to do a lot of, I still do some, but I used to do a lot of back flips.  Mostly into water, because that’s the safest way to go.  And I would do my back flips into anything maybe, but the ground, & people are like, “How do you do it?” & it’s like, “You just do it!” you know?  There’s no secret formula.  I guess it’s confidence, though, you’ve gotta have the confidence.  If you think you can do a back flip, you can probably do it.  If you end up doing a three quarters of one, & land on your head, well, you either do another one, or you wait a while!

Luther: (laughing) Right, exactly, & it’s the same thing in the studio.  You’ve gotta do it.

Timmy: That’s awesome. Your brother (Cody) does some writing too, I imagine.

Luther: Yeah, & Chris (Chew) writes a lot of our riffs, man.  A lot of our most beloved songs, I think, come from Chris (bass) riffs that we all jumped on & just started jamming.

Timmy: That’s cool, so you probably have people just coming in at soundcheck or rehearsal, & just throwin’ out ideas

Luther: It’s not even like that, you can’t even plan it.  Sometimes it happens, most times it doesn’t, but the key is just to (do it).

Timmy: Or, (I can imagine) you’re just playing something, & somebody’s like, “What’s that?!” & you’re like, “I don’t know!” (laughing)

Luther: That’s the kind of feelings I like.

Timmy: That’s cool.  I just love the whole process.

Luther: You know a cool thing with our new record, was that we wrote about 23 songs, so we had way more than we needed.  We wrote other songs, too, we had love songs, some pop songs, some pretty songs.  But we did up all these tunes, & then we picked which ones, what direction we wanted to go in, you know what I mean?

Timmy: Right.

Luther: And it ended up, we picked out all rockers! (laugh)

Timmy: That’s great, I can’t wait to hear it.  I’m probably one of the few people, not too many people have actually been through Hernando (Hernando, Mississippi, is the band’s hometown & also the title of the new album).  I’ve been through there a few times.

Luther: Timmy, I have to go do this soundcheck for E Town, can I call you back in a couple hours?

Timmy: Sure, man!  I’ve got just a couple things left, that sounds great.

Luther: All right bro.
Timmy: Have a great soundcheck, we’ll talk to you in a little bit.  

Luther: We’re back!  That’s so cool.

Timmy: Getting there…  We got it, looks like it’s rolling. (as the freak fumbles with his recording rig)  Awesome, thanks for calling back!  We were talking about writing.  Here’s a question that I think I’ve been wanting to ask a musician for a while… (laughing)

Luther: Yeah! (laughing)

Timmy: Have you been in all fifty states?

Luther: Oh, man, you know, close to it, you know, we’ve never been to Alaska or Hawaii, but I think we’ve driven through just about every one.  Because even if you’re (in the) North, you know, we played Fargo, and we’re about to do Boise, and so, pretty close to it.

Timmy: I bet you’re real close.

Luther: Maybe South Dakota.

Timmy: Okay.

Luther: Maybe I’ve never been there…

Timmy: I know, it’s cool, just as a traveling music fan, & you know, magazine guy, I’ve probably been in most of the 48, the lower 48, but I don’t know for sure.  I never really kept track, but I definitely gotta hit Alaska and Hawaii, too, I’ve been dying to go to those two.

Luther: Me too!

Timmy: Right on.  (stumbles awkwardly) I was reading—I know that you, at one point, (you) referred to yourself as a workaholic.  You know-

Luther: HA-HAAAAH!

Timmy: I know I share a little bit of that as well.  What we’ve done, is we’ve kind of really blurred the lines as far as work & play with, you know, an incredible amount of passion.

Luther: The key is if you can do something that you really love, then it’s not work to you, you know?

Timmy: Right, that’s exactly the way I see it too, we’re having fun, you know?  It seems like we’re working all the time.  That’s where we’re getting, you know, some of that juice, that we want from it.

Luther: That’s right.

Timmy: And I just brought it up because I just wanted to raise a parallel, you know, when you’re really engaged in what you really feel you’re meant to be doing here, everything gets blurred, not just those roles, but those lines between work & play (& everything else).

Luther: You know what else?  It’s just a dream come true scenario because ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always knew what I wanted to do.  And so it’s been real easy for me to be that, (which is) kind of dangerous, you know what I’m saying?

Timmy: It takes a long time to learn something, & then once you get it, then you’re really going to be breaking new ground all the time.  So that’s when it really gets exciting.  But trying to get through that beginning part where you’re not really sure of things, then once you get that confidence & self esteem, you’re just- it’s just a natural progression, I think.  Creative people are just amazing to me, all the different processes.  Everyone’s a little bit different, & some people are a LOT a bit different, so it’s really interesting to study how people, you know, go about their dream & their job, & their hobbies, & everything.

Luther: You know, I spoke earlier about having a studio at home, & that is so wonderful because I can be at home off the road, but in the studio working, but it feels like I’m at home relaxing with my family.

Timmy: Right!
Luther: And that, I mean, I can’t beat that with a stick.  (chuckles) I get to hang out with my mom, & get some home cooked food, but also, I’m in the studio, (rocking) out some business, you know?  That’s great.  I love that.

Timmy: That is great, just to have that situation set up so nicely like that.

Luther: Going in the studio can be a real daunting thing, & I know it’s hard for a lot of bands, but the more casual it becomes, the better off you’re going to be in the long run.

Timmy: Yeah, totally.  You know, that’s a lesson I think a lot of people could learn is to just find themselves a more comfortable situation.  Don’t think you have to, like, go to L.A., to get an apartment where nobody even has any of their own space…

Luther: Yeah!

Timmy: You don’t force a triangularly shaped shape into a round hole! (both laugh)

Luther: I really like how moe does it, because the last two records they’ve been doing, they take their recorded multi-tracks from their tour, & picked what they like, & edit it together & overdub on that, & that is a beautiful combination of the studio & the live experience, you know?

Luther: I really like how moe does it, because the last two records they’ve been doing, they take their recorded multi-tracks from their tour, & picked what they like, & edit it together & overdub on that, & that is a beautiful combination of the studio & the live experience, you know?

Timmy: It’s just a good idea, too, those guys are great.  I’m friends with those guys a little bit, & they’re really fun and innovative.  They’re trying (to do) things a little differently, you know, & I think the fans are really responding to that because there’s just an explosion in interest in bands like moe.

Luther: You know what’s another band I really like?  New Monsoon, man, they’re a really motherf*ckin’ good band!

Timmy: Yeah, they’re good, too, & I agree, there’s just a lot of really good stuff coming up, & these bands are realizing that the last thing they want to do is sound the same.  I read this whole article about the fortieth anniversary of the Summer of Love, one of the things it was talking about was how, in the Sixties, how everybody was different, the Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater, Miles Davis, everything was just really different. And that was what made the whole scene attractive.  (Seems recently) there was a time when all jam bands started to sound alike.

Luther: But you know, it’s the heart of the scene.  For me, I think the late ‘90’s and early 2000’s were really a great time for the jam band scene & we were so lucky to be a part of it, but you know, it’s like we had- MMW was like kind of jazz, Galactic had New Orleans funk, we were doing like a blues rock thing,  there were bands doing the bluegrass type jam, you know.  And it’s like different jam bands in the scene would draw from different roots & traditions, but I thought it was so cool that all the different bands were all part of the same scene, but they all sounded totally different.  Even if you look at our records over time, we’ve gone through different phases.  That’s the sign of a healthy, organic band, you know, just living life.

Timmy: I believe so, too, & there are so many friendships going, so many different collaborations that are outside of those bands, that you know, we don’t even know about!  And so there’s stuff happening behind the scenes that could definitely foment into some full-blown craziness a year from now, or a day from now!  That whole spontaneous combustion element in this kind of music is just so exciting.

Luther: Yeah!

Timmy: You know, the first time I ever saw you guys was, I think back in ’98 in the very beginning, & you played two nights at the 400 Bar here in town (Minneapolis), Bill Sullivan’s bar, & that’s when I met all of you. It’s amazing that it’s almost a decade ago, because I still remember it so vividly.

Luther: (laughs)
Timmy: It’s like it just happened.  I saw you guys one night, and I was like, “Oh my gawd, these guys are the bomb, I’m going again!” & I went two nights in a row, and that started it all.  We bonded that night–

Luther: Definitely.

Timmy: And it’s just been great, I mean, I just wanted to throw that out because it just shows how far everything has gone.

Luther: That’s right, yeah, that’s amazing.  Isn’t it a blessing?!

Timmy: It is! And all the places that we’ve seen each other, like New Orleans, & JazzFest, & Tipitina’s, & here, (like) the party (North Mississippi Allstars for the We Freak’s 18th Annifreakinversary 9/15/05) at the Cabooze—

Luther: We’ve had lots of fun!

Timmy: Yeah, hell, yeah, & there’s so much more to go.  It sounds like this year I’m going to get to see you play with a couple of different groups, & I’m really stoked.  And it’s great to see you really expanding into the Crowes & some more realms of music.  It’s just going to make you able to reach more people, & I also feel that it should be said that it’s really a fortunate thing for all those (more) people, too!  Myself being one of them…

Luther: God bless you, man!

Timmy: And I just appreciate everything that’s coming down.  Any chance you’re going to be you’re going to be at JazzFest (in Nola) this year?

Luther: I hope so.  I haven’t seen a schedule that far in advance.

Timmy: Okay, I figured I’d throw that out there, too.  All my plans are in motion for that.  That’s kind of like my ‘carrot’ dangling, you know, during the winter months, to get through my writing & my issues, & then summer comes early (actually spring), I go down to JazzFest & really live it up (& soak up music & vibe).  It’s just, you know, I’ve gone to 18 of them, now, out of the last twenty (soon to be 19 outta last 21).

Luther: (laughing) That’s awesome!

Timmy: I’ve only missed two since 1988, it was…

Luther: Just amazing.

Timmy: It really is, it’s just like, my full-on obsession.

Luther: YEAH!

Timmy: So (maybe) I’ll see you down there, & a couple other places, maybe you’ll get to come to Minnesota, or maybe I can travel & see some of these Crowes shows.  I’ve got a wide open agenda, I think 2008’s going to be a great year for music, & I’m just really excited, I think everything’s kind of (shifting)—the world’s kind of changing, too, the election’s coming up, that’s going to hopefully bring some freshness, you know?  I’m going to be highly optimistic on that one—

Luther: Yeah!
Timmy: But, you know, again, thanks a lot for talking with me.

Luther: Anytime, Timmy!

Timmy: I’m really grateful for this opportunity to catch up.  We always seem to have good conversations, & the readers of the Weekly Freak will be happy to listen in on this one, too.
Luther: Keep waving your Freak Flag high, man!

Timmy: Thank you.  And you as well.  Have a great time in all your travels.  On this little (mountain) trip right now, have a great time with your CD release, & I’ll definitely be checking it out when that thing drops, I’m excited about it.

Luther: Great!

Timmy: Good luck with all the Crowes stuff, & Hiatt, & all the other stuff you’re doing.  I guess the NMA tour is “Keep the Devil Down 2008”, & that’s your tour with Alvin Youngblood Hart?

Luther: Yeah, that’s going to be sick!

Timmy: Have a great time in E-Town & you know, feel free to check in with me anytime.

Luther: Likewise!

Timmy: Have a great one, and I can’t wait to hear a little more of that World Boogie that I hear is coming!! (laughs)

Luther: It’s comin’, brother, it’s always comin’.  Like free beer tomorrow!

Timmy: Exactly, free beer tomorrow, & watch out for the Killers from Space!

Luther: All right, brother, be good.

Timmy: Take care.

Freak Outro: There you have it freaks. Good news for good times ahead. So savor the flavors. Another gentle reminder of key upcoming album drops: North Mississippi Allstars “Hernando” on 1/22/08 & The Black Crowes “Warpaint” on 3/4/08.

And please, please yourself & others by indulging in the ensuing live shows as well. 2008 promises greatness & hope. Tap in. There’s plenty for everyone. Soul nourishment awaits. I’m feeling it already. 
Be ready.


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