PreFreak: Hayes Carll @ The Dakota 2-14-17 mpls

Rootsy Texas singer songwriter Hayes Carll has been known to have positively profound effects on his captive audience. I will share this true story.  Hayes was playing a 2 hour show in Austin & prior to that had been hanging with a musician friend who happened to tell some really bad Arkansas jokes. So Hayes reluctantly told these terrible jokes to help fill the time, a first in 9 years he confessed. At the end of his show, Carll noticed everybody had fancy drinks & there was a huge tip in his tip jar. Turns out, a rich guy from Arkansas who owns a giant chicken company loved the set & bought 2 rounds of drinks for the entire place on top the tip. Hayes later met the benefactor to thank him. And he later said “It wasn’t a total waste” as he wrote an oddly prolific song called “Chickens”. (see below) Hayes also commented that “this stuff never happens to me”. I must add, well, now is does Hayes & very deservedly so.


Hayes Carll
Tue. February 14, 2017, 9:30pm
The Dakota Jazz Club

In a very real & grassroots fashion Hayes Carll has steadily risen up through the years. His music rings authentic & in real time yet timeless in nature. His loyal base of fans are on the uptick due to good old word of mouth.  The best advertising in most every biz. Hayes Carll has recently birthed his 5th studio record & his obscurity is fading these days as his music is reaching more people all the time. He’s a spontaneous wonderful performer.


Whether you attend to celebrate Valentine’s or not, this will be a twangy captivating evening that is sure to be exquisitely entertaining & mesmerizingly memorable. This is a show not to miss. Experience Hayes Carll on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 lighting up the comfy cozy Dakota stage at 9:30pm. This is your call to action.

Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Event page

Hayes Carll on FB:

~Timothy Paul Smith :: BRAVE NEW RADIO ::


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