PreFreak: Bill Payne & Gabe Ford “Tracing Footprints” on 6-12-13 @ Dakota Jazz Club


who:  Bill Payne “Tracing Footsteps” – A Journal of Music, Photography & Tales from the Road

when:  Wednesday, June 12, 2013  7pm

where: The Dakota Jazz Club  1010 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis (Tix: 612-332-1010)

why:  one of the founders of the still active adventurous roots rock boogie band Little Feat, Bill Payne has long been a lightning rod of collaborative musical prowess & expansive expanding talent.

For our enjoyment, Billy combines his skills of creating & performing music, photography, storytelling & improv for an enchanting many faceted evening.  He takes us on a unique multidimensional voyage drifting from music to photographic art to poetry to stories from the road.  For the show, Bill is joined by Gabe Ford on the drums (who plays now for the Feat & is the talented nephew of guitarist Robben Ford).


as the truth would have it, I will disclose that I personally owe a lot to that boogie outfit Little Feat. not only were they one of my top faves since i was a kid, but they also unknowingly serendipitously introduced me to a little party down in New Orleans called Jazzfest (short for New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival). i’m forever in their service.

So please join me & my friends downtown for this quintessential hip & culture enriched trip at the esteemed Dakota.  You will be entertained as well as educated as this experience cascades through your senses.  Let’s enjoy the ride.

Bill Payne’s website

Dakota Jazz Club    The Dakota Jazz Club Box Office  or call 612-332-1010.

Bill Payne & Gabe Ford 6-12-13 @ Dakota event page


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