PreFreak: Mississippi album release @ the Dakota 10-17-16 mpls


The unique musical collaborative project known as Mississippi sonically bridges South America’s Peru with North America’s Minnesota to bring about a compelling aural tapestry of lush savory improvisational jazz meets fusion. This diversely adventurous group has been playing together since 2006 & is made up of Andrés Prado (of Peru) on guitar, Pete Whitman on saxes, Peter Schimke on piano, Jeff Bailey on bass & Kevin Washington on drums.

Mississippi feat. Andrés Prado Album Release
The Dakota Jazz Club
Mon. October 17, 2016  7pm


The highly anticipated debut self titled record “Mississippi” has just dropped (released 10/14/16 on Shifting Paradigm Records). Here is a link to find it. Discover the radiant beauty of this blossoming stellar album & feel it’s true emotional wonders by witnessing these talented fusioneers live to really grasp what this music & vibe are all about. This press quote captures them vividly: “The music of Mississippi may be described as an intense blend of colors & eclectic traditions that include modern jazz, festejo & hip hop influences. Wild & burnin’ one moment, soft & sweet the next… this group has an emotional and creative range that is not to be missed.”


With the roots of this flowing cerebrally pleasing project spanning the Americas, the end result is a gratifying excitable mix of hybrid jazz styles that will inevitably dazzle & entertain. The extensive growing jazz community of the Twin Cities is certainly delighted for the return of Mississippi to the intimate soundstage at the Dakota on Mon. October 17, 2016 at 7pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch these rising legends in the making in their mesmerizing live element. Mississippi will wind & twist you to delta of joy & sound.

Here is an exclusive podcast of an interview of Mississippi’s keyboardist Peter Schimke made ahead of this show by Brave New Radio. The local piano master took a moment to talk about the project. Listen in.


Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Event page:
Mississippi on FB:

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