PreFreak: Red Baraat @ the Dakota 9-6-16 Mpls


The enticing cascading joy that Red Baraat brings to any gathered crowd of music lovers is both a dynamic sight & a magnificent sound to behold.

Their manic rhythm driven sound combines an exquisite array of influences & flavors from around the globe.

Red Baraat
The Dakota Jazz Club
Tue. September 6, 2016  7pm

I have passionately shared & written about Red Baraat in the past as they are always a tremendously moving experience when performing at the Dakota. Here’s a blog from last summer when RT were there:

Allow me to share a fitting anecdote from that last time I saw Red Baraat at the Dakota.  The jazz club is host to all genres of music, so there’s always a lot of of “sit down” shows & many times show goers are eating dinner as the club is also renowned for their amazing food.

People tend to get comfy in their seats. Red Baraat sensed this & then at a certain point implored everyone to stand up. From that moment, the band simply would not let anyone sit down again. This led to much dancing & otherwise festive enjoyment for most of the captive obedient audience. Hence; the rest of the night flowed with massive exuberance as it was perhaps the most dancing I’ve witnessed at a Dakota show. Owner Lowell Pickett would certainly be proud of this.

Red Baraat's Brooklyn Mela

You simply never know what to expect from a fiery Red Baraat show. There’s mesmerizing improvisation rippling throughout along with their intense precise tight explosive musicianship shining about the stage & reflected on the “dancefloor”.

Join us for this astounding resounding display of Eastern Indian brass funk imbibed with jazz & rock with other surprises as Red Baraat triumphantly returns to the Dakota on Tuesday Sept. 6 at 7pm. Prepare to leave your seat.


Red Baraat mini podcast produced by BRAVE NEW RADIO: click

“A big band for the world” ~Wall Street Journal

Dakota Box Office: 612-332-5299

Buy Tickets link

~Timothy Paul Smith :: •  BRAVE NEW RADIO



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