Album Review: Frogleg • Frogleg (2015 self released)

Frogleg * Frogleg  • 2015 (self released)

Once upon a trip in time & space, I came across a little freakishly electrifying young fresh strengthening powerhouse band called Frogleg. Well, they’ve grown & are now hotly on the rise as a funky 7 headed space dragon comprised of 7 unique stunning gifted musicians creating the band.


This moving adventurous record reveals a very strong debut effort that nicely truly captures their lively exciting funk influenced soul rock reggae confluence in most beautiful daring exquisite ways.  Each song enjoys the changing lush soundscapes uniquely shaping their improvisation savvy creations bending unseen creativity with audible curious explorations into dance demanding sexy expressive pleasure seeking sweet music.


The omniscient recording shines with honest pure inspiration, expression & imagination musically, lyrically & empirically. Frogleg’s eccentric way of live sensory nuancing while secreting sweet taste & fueling highly collaborative participatory music defies earthly description.

Songs like “Lucy Hill” & “Oak Tree Branch” suggest wild adventure & care free lifestyle choices. “Walls of the Fort” takes dreamy inspiration from childhood follies. “Valentina” & “Through my Eyes” are stylized love songs albeit slightly twisted at times. Crowd pleasing freak faves “Carolina Ron” & “Little Sleep” are live action sultry slamming romper stompers. “Vieques” rambles with barefoot friendly island vibe splendor. Closer “Skyline Blues” tells a twisted tale with mind crafting sonic delivery & lasting impact that makes it another powerful fan fave. These endearing songs flow together naturally & the album unfolds wonderfully. The storytelling here is prolific.

This 21st century ubiquitous whirled space funk romp rock sensation of a band (Frogleg) has created an authentic wonder filled masterpiece in this record.


When I encounter this music in the live setting; I am dreamingly transported to another funky dimension, which I express through dancing. I believe I consciously & subconsciously study & interpret these songs as I dance to them. My movement is my appreciation & natural expression. Sometimes I’m even acting out the lyrics. I’ve gone deep.

Frogleg (Fleg, to the faithful) are an explosively growing ever crushing young band only 3 years in & with over 20 strong original songs & a deepening catalog of 60 covers to pull from live. Soon the world will know the arousing delight of funkified joy that is my friends Frogleg. I welcome that day & I know it will happen in the near future. I thank them for bringing all of us friends together & energetically bombastically providing the profound grooving ground soundtrack of our collective musically blessed lives.

The album effortlessly achieves ****4 Smoking Bongs the highest stoniest rating possible here. A+ Freaker’s Choice release.



Track listing:

Walls of the Fort
Through my Eyes
Carolina ron
Oak Tree Branch
Lucy Hill
Little Sleep
Skyline Blues


Frogleg “Compared to what?” 12-12-15

FROGLEG personell:

Joe Dunn (guitars & vocals)
Demitri Rallis (guitars & vocals)
Gus Whatcot (bass)
Elliot Wachs (saxes)
Doug Christianson (percussion)
Sam Hultman (keys)
CJ Vanderpoll (drums)
Note: Rio Keleman played drums on this recording.

Frogleg official website: www Frogleg official

Frogleg Soundcloud: Frogleg on Soundcloud

Joe Dunn Music Soundcloud: Joe Dunn on Soundcloud

Frogleg on facebook: Fleg on Facebook
on twitter: Frogleg on Twitter

Frogleg logo/tour art: Jeff Troldahl: Jeff Troldahl

Photography/video content: Tim McGuire ©Tim McG Photography & Video Tim McG Photo on Facebook

Creative Support: Brave New Media:: Brave New Media

Fleg for the Funk of it, Timmy the Freak ::



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