4-2-2015 Frogleg @ Bunker’s mpls


It’s a dream come true waiting to happen when you think about the funky future of my fave band out there Frogleg. In my seasoned years of listening to & dancing to live music scenery, I’ve never been more excited about an emerging rising star on our beloved scene.

As for this enchanted evening, there was something in the air it seemed. It was as if everyone knew that Frogleg was gonna blazingly bedazzle the trip taking lucid cosmic seeds of the universe celestial.  And then, of course, it happened.


The spirited seething robust crowd kept growing all night while the Fleg continued to escalate & intensify their every freaking groove & funktastic voyage. The high friendly energy giving vibe was an absolute high in itself.

What unfolded at Bunker’s turned out to be what I believe to be one of Frogleg’s best ever shows of their mindblowing mere 3 years so far as a young band. This over the top talented group moves me like I had never dreamed possible.  My often daring dancemoves have never been more passionate & sincere.

The first sizzling dizzying set was fully fraught with mostly original delicacies like inspired ramble sandwich of “Blessed” > “Lonesome & a long way from home” > “Blessed”, wonderful flowing originals “The Vines”, “Lost & Looking” & “Skyline Blues”.

2nd set bristled rampantly electric blasting open with the enigmatic “Lucy Hill” (a personal fave that I named my little red Subaru after) > Toots’ “Sweet & Dandy”, adventuresome flegstrumental “Mash Pierre”, dancefloor ragers “Valentina”, “Oak Tree Branch”, perhaps the hottest best ever blowout redition of “Little Sleep” & closing colossal & damn hard on Doors’ “Peace Frog” flegacized.

Wickedly woeful 3rd set struck wide open with “Vieques”, “Walls of the fort”, ridiculously careening “Carolina Ron”, “Longing” > Funkadelic anthem “Good Old Music”, “Up in the Blue”,  jimi fired “Manic Depression” ending the sexy exquisite night with the supernatural sultry take on “Compared to what?”  All in all, a slam dunk of soul fired funk.


It’s too good of a feeling not to share when you’re excited for years simply because the band you love the most is promisingly poised to succeed spectacularly.

Are you Flegsperienced?! I see all this leading towards Frogleg’s eventual ultimate unrestrained whirled domination feeding off the frenzy of furious full force legging of the universe at large. You can quote me on that. Thanks. Freak out.


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