4-1-2015 Rebirth Brass Band @ Dakota Jazz Club mpls


Perhaps the reigning brightest star on the New Orleans brass band scene, Rebirth captures their real world culture like no other by simultaneously mobilizing dancers with their energy spawning music while bringing about the intriguing enchantment of their native city. I liken this experiential double duty phenomena to the constant converging confluence of a mighty river like our shared Mississippi.

Rebirth’s rollicking rhythmic swirling swoon of second-line street funk attracts music lovers & festive fun seekers of all walks & dances of life. Myself included. For the past 32 years, the band has simply brought their music to life on stage taking the audience along for the freewheeling wild ride. With racy anthemic signature songs like “Do whatcha wanna” & “Feel like funkin’ it up”, Rebirth lives to rock you & knock you. They’ll increase your love for brass bands & New Orleans exponentially.


The late set at the Dakota served up fresh & funky fare hotly mingling tradition & roots with their own time stylized fantastico sound. Brazenly diving deeply into songs by Professor Longhair “Go to the Mardi Gras” & Fats Domino “Walkin’ to New Orleans”, RBB warmed up the stage for an escalation. Then comes a welcome blast of their party crazed sexy songs like the downright dirty “Casanova”, fired up “Rebirth groove”,  & booty grinder “Your mama don’t dance”. All funk broke loose at the end with dancers getting up everywhere making the whole club a big dancefloor including the stage itself. Once the band was urging the crowd on, I knew it was gonna blow up in a big bodacious fun way. Yes, it did.

Founder, tuba player & Rebirth anchor Phil Frazier aptly describes their potent mix of jazz & funk as “junk music’, which I feel pushes the soulful vibe to the point of bodily pleasure revealing an overwhelming desire to move in everybody even the musicians themselves.


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One Response to 4-1-2015 Rebirth Brass Band @ Dakota Jazz Club mpls

  1. Your Friend says:

    “Rebirth’s rollicking rhythmic swirling swoon of second-line street funk”
    You are Truly One of Kind Timmy!!

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