1-19-2013 The Radiators @ Tipitina’s

No live band has ever enticed my funky soul out of my body to dance more times & in more ways than the Radiators from New Orleans.  This 2nd final show of this highly radiant Rads Reunion was nothing less than a miracle for the greater gyrating fishhead nation to behold.

Proof positive of this was seen on stage, the dancefloor & everywhere.  The magic had returned.  And it was more spectacularly pleasurable than ever.


My mind & body blazing first set stellar apexes were the “Holiday” > “Get your rocks off” > “Holiday” wide mouth opener, passion filled “#2 Pencil”, party ode “I like my poison”, stoner swansong “Smokin’ Hole”, shiny rarity “Gimme a rainbow”, uppity “Salty Jane” & longstanding theme song “Wild & Free”.

2nd set flailing faves for me were high voltage electric “Lucinda” opener, dylaniating “You ain’t goin’ nowhere”, careening precariously “Creepin’ Vine” > “Hold back the flood” > “Doubled up in a knot” > “Love is a tangle” > “Mountain jam” > “Lonesome whistle blow” > “Chevy 39” mollifying the massive molten medley & the best dreamiest sweet love song of all time “Lovely You”.  A true Zekestarpiece.

The delectable irony flavored encores were teasingly “You can’t always get what you want”, headgasmic underground dance meltdown medley manic “Hardcore” > “Pump it up” > “Trouble comin’ every day” > “Shake your body down to the ground” > “Hardcore” & finally Zeke’s fabled “Lost what they had”.

This so happened to rank up with the best ever weekends of my whole life surrounded by my sweetest fave peeps. I thank & love all of them especially those in my closest proximity. Also wanna thank my longtime friends the Rads along with Josh & Kenny & Tip’s. On top of that, everyone who came.  Y’all freaking rule. Please come on back soon.

Frankie & me party backstage.

Frankie & me party backstage.


Honey Island Swamp Band rockingly opened up.

Rads 01/19/2013
New Orleans, LA

The coach Dag rips & shreds.

The coach Dag rips & shreds.

Set 1:
Holiday >
Get your rocks off >
Loup Garou (tease)
Go back
All meat (tease)
#2 pencil
I like my poison >
Where was you at?
Smokin’ Hole
Gimme a rainbow
Last Getaway
Big chief (tease) >
You can’t take it with you >
Grow fins >
Mardi gras in new orleans >
Land of 10,000 Dances
You can’t take it with you
Let us get together (tease)
Salty Jane
Wild & Free

set 2
Lucinda >
Theme from the Magnificent 7 >
Cissy Strut
Open the door poor richard (tease) >
I shall be released
You ain’t goin nowhere
Ain’t no grave (tease)
Creepin Vine >
Hold back the flood >
Doubled all up in a knot >
Love is a tangle >
Mountain jam >
Lonesome whistle blow >
Chevy 39
Love trouble (tease) >
My gal
Lovely you

You can’t always get what you want
Hardcore >
Pump it up >
Trouble comin every day >
Lets dance, let’s shout, shake your body down to the ground >
Lost what they had

Freak advice: I strongly urge you to buy these live show downloads if you dig ’em like me & if so, you help out the Radiators as funds go to them with each sale. Thanks to Jon Hart & Eric Vandercar for recording, mix, etc.

Link: 1-18-2013 Radiators @ Tipitina’s (livedownloads)

Link: 1-19-2013 The Radiators @ Tipitina’s (livedownloads)


There’s stealth vids of all 4 sets shared by Special Agent #69. Here’s the finale one, the rest are easy to find.  Enjoy.


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