1-18-2013 The Radiators @ Tipitina’s


At the time, one of my fondest dreams was wildly coming true as the Radiators (my fave freaking band of all time) was getting back together at our beloved home court Tipitina’s for 2 nights of their stupendously unpredictable greased up fluid driven fishhead cocktail music. Alas, this was upon us.  And subsequently we were on top of it.

The Rads, who actually rehearsed (possibly a first in their 33 & 1/3 years together), came out completely swinging leaving not a trace of doubt that they went out on top & were back fully freshened nastily with their epic electrifying display of their deepest hottest blazing music that has been the soundtrack to so many of our lives for decades.

The occasion at hand here was the 35th Anniversaries of both Tipitina’s & The Radiators simultaneously celebrated for 2 parties of the highest possible order.

Some of my fave peakitudes of the 1st set were the moistening mixer “Crazy Mona” > “Hey Mona” > “Crazy Mona”, “Wrong Road”, “Cocktail music” & “Like Dreamers do”.  My 2nd set high fliers were the opening triple whammy of livid “Lowlife”, sensual “Stealin a Feelin”, lethal “Little Sadie” & peppered with fiery “7 Devils” (here’s where I danced the most extreme), slyly seductive “Soul on Fire” & ripely rancor “Screwloose” encore finale.

This fever dream come true was first sparked many months prior & by the time the first notes were struck, there had been immense built up buzzed up hallucinatory feverish pitch. The anticipation was positively super charged with excitement swimming rampant amidst all the fans & friends & even band members as we were happily plotting rendezvous adventures & then converging from all over the map. Let’s do it again.

As seen here, our beloved recently departed dear friend & krewe king Karl Bremer was right up in the front row, as he should.

Rads 01/18/2013
New Orleans, LA

Art by Frenchy

Art by Frenchy

Set 1:
Law Of The Fish
Blind Crippled & Crazy
Crazy Mona->
Hey Mona->
Crazy Mona
Honey From The Bee
Wrong Road
Your Funeral and My Trial *
Bottle Of Red Wine
(Hey Y’all It’s Frankie’s Birthday)
Cocktail Music
City of Refugee >
Break On Through  >
City Of Refugee
I Don’t Speak Love **
American Woman (tease)
Shoot Out The Lights ** >
Nail Your Heart To Mine
Like Dreamers Do

Set 2:
Stealing A Feeling
Little Sadie
Early Bird Cafe ***
Seven Devils ***
Wild Horse ***
Sunglasses On ***
Soul On Fire ***
(Kenny’s Call Em Back)
Bring It On Home ***

* Sonny Boy Williamson song
** w/Darcy Malone Boye & Johnny Malone on backing vocals
***w/Mark Mullins on Trombone


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One Response to 1-18-2013 The Radiators @ Tipitina’s

  1. Thanks Timmy. It was a great gathering. Thanks to you all.

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