2-1-2012 Dark Star Orchestra @ First Avenue

CC Rider

DSO was opening their tour here detonating spin worthy Grateful Dead recreation right down the street from my abode. Walkable (danceable on the way home) lucid spastic delighting heady dance party at our best room in town. It’s no secret this Freak longs & loves to Dark Star (as an action verb).

The 1st Ave main erupted as DSO named “Southbound Winter Tour” opened feverishly with a dynamic freakadelica laced “Bertha” cascading spiraling into “Greatest story ever told”. We had lift off.  From there DSO explored regions like “Bird Song”, “Big railroad blues” ending on a high hitting head-on floor greeting “Music Never Stopped” > “Don’t Ease Me in”. Peeps were clearly flourishing in hallucinations & rhythms.

2nd set rumbled vivaciously to open with the highest octane fueled “China Cat Sunflower” > “I Know you rider” before slipping away from sanity to dropping down “Estimated Prophet” > “Terrapin Station” meltaway.  Also grazing astral goodness like “The Wheel”, & the savory “Sugar Magnolia”.

DSO 2-1-12 by Laura

Next the encore soared open with a goosebumps urging “(it’s all over now) Baby Blue” adding their lagniappe of freak fill raging to finale with a full tilt “Let it rock”.  We had splashdown.  Too much fun for humans.  Dance floor & ceiling were full.  Me too.

China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider

Freak FYI: The sweet hot show they remade was 4-19-1985 @ Philadelphia Civic. This was the DSO’s 2021st show.  That is absurdly cool.  Makes me wanna go on tour.

The Psychoactive Staff • We Freak.


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