1-23-2012 Keb Mo, Anders Osborne @ Guthrie Theater

Anders & Keb lead the charge on “A Better Man”.

The highlight (like serendipity) came when someone in the crowd loudly asked for “Henry”, this lit up Keb Mo visibly & not too long after he was handed his steel resophonic guitar proceeding to give the lucid tune a fantastic rootsy ride through the story.  Wondrous.

[Freak on the wall: Keb rolled with it joking that Henry may come out to play even though he wasn’t on the setlist. Keb simply nailed it like never before. People were gasping in total amazement. No one there will forget this.]

Two of the best singer songwriters alive & kicking billed together was a dream come true for music lovers like me. Plus this state of the art intimate venue the Guthrie’s Wurtele Thrust Stage is truly magnificent.

The show or shows were over the top from the get go.  Anders was indulging himself fully spontaneously combusting up the joint with his energized passion fired demeanor.  He played a handful of dark to darker masterpieces like “Mind of a junkie”, “Me & Lola”, “Goin’ Down” & some winsome uplifting odes like “Summertime in New Orleans”.

Anders & I have been friends for a few decades now & are nearly the same age. We both revel in storytelling & comparing notes on our creative paths. Our friendship is deep from this bond. For that I am blessed.

Keb’ Mo’ (born Kevin Moore), came out flailing with his loyal ace band enticing us with brilliance like “The Whole Enchilada”, “Inside job” (that’s my guess), “Come on in my kitchen” > “Am I Wrong?”, “We don’t need it”, “Walk back in” & bringing out Anders for an inspired “A Better Man” conspired climax (a song that Keb & Anders wrote together).

Thanks to Anders, Keb & all the krewe + special thanks / shoutout to presenter Sue McLean (SMA) for kindly bringing this epic show to us.


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