1-18-2012 JJ Grey & Mofro @ the Varsity

Whenever JJ Grey & I see each other, small talk is lost immediately to vivid focused conversations about things like connection, creativity, inspiration & writing.  All key hallmarks of our blessing rich lives & our inner callings.  It’s uplifting & refreshes me. We also talk about fishing & music.

You don’t need me to inform you that JJ tells a mean story weaving words & images like no one else around.  I learn from the best.  He has it down to a wondrous advanced art.  We talked about passion being the fuel & how you merely have to keep moving forward driving on that energy & naturally good things result.

JJ & me

As temps dipped below zero, deep south soul spiked sensation Mofro did the funky honors of firing up a wildly enthusiast crowd at one of  Minneapolis’s best large venues The Varsity. They delivered with a scorching hot fervor that very few bands are able to bring to the live stage.

Some of the soul intoxicating elixir were songs like dance inducing “A Woman”, rootsy “Country Ghetto”, soaring “Brighter Days”, funk tinged “Dirtfloorcracker” & “Georgia Warhorse”, which he dedicated to his strong granny & her resilient ancestors.  Other standouts were “Hide & Seek”, anthem like “Everything good is bad”, sultry “Slow hot & sweaty”, succulent “Orange Blossoms”, decadent “Ho Cake”, enticing “Sweetest Thing” before the hammer dropping  down home encore “Lochloosa” & sizzling sexy finale “On Fire”.

(FreakNote: I was unable to find any vids of the show so this will serve for now .  I will switch this out with Varsity 1-18-12 footage later if possible.)

It wasn’t until later that I realized that every songs played was an original.  Also to be noted that I know of 2 people for sure who say that this was the best live show they’d ever seen.  That’s the highest praise available. And it was that good.  Trust me.

Rock & Roll Party in the Streets

Afterwards, I was graciously invited to party on the Mofro tour bus. It was there that I enjoyed the company of my longtime friends Andrew & Anthony (from the Greyhounds), Todd Smallie (ex Derek Trucks Band), along with JJ, Chris Delucchi (talented Mofro sound engineer) & the rest.  Genuinely an honor & a pleasure.  In parting, I gave them my version of a bus blessing for the road as they prepared to jump back on tour.  I hope to find them again soon.  You should too.


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