7-15-2011 The Suburbs @ Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater

Credit the Suburbs for inspiring an 18 year old me (stoned) at the dorm to make up my own crazy dance for their song “Music for Boys”. My dilemma was that it was a spastic spectacle that was too dangerous to dare in public.

Rattle My Bones

Under a freakish full moon in aquarius, the ‘Burbs delivered convincingly to their most adoring local longtime friends & fans myself included.  Dreamily “Music for Boys” got me down front early for this anticipated Zoo show. Not enough room for my dance but radius to groove mightily.  This was just about sunset.  The party had just begun.

Other luminous gems were the luscious “Love is the Law”, flirt flailing “Rattle My Bones”, “(I like) Cows”, urgency fed “Waiting”, sizzling “Tape your wife to the ceiling”, personal fave “girlfriend” & old school Beej channeling muse “Drinking with an Angel”.  Chan & Beej were funny & totally dynamic up front leading the show. The horns & other musicians all shined profusely & in the most pleasing of ways.

The movingly music permeated night for me was more proof that my life was made better by these wonder inducing experience that I seek out.  Really fun amped up crowd for this rock spiked show.  These fans love to party.  And dance.

Truth be told, I have been a rabid fan of the Burbs going back to when I was 17. By 19, I was raging dancing it up at the Cabooze & the Ave.  High & free.  Never to be the same again.  Thankfully.

Sunset at the Minn Zoo


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One Response to 7-15-2011 The Suburbs @ Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater

  1. Tom says:

    I’ve been a burb’s fan from the start. I’ve seen them all over the country. Sorry to say I just had to leave the show last night halfway through. I’d rather keep my memories of the band than sit through that again. What happened to Beej? Watching him too high or drunk to play a lead or sing a song was too much to bear. Great job by the rest of the band for covering for him. Chan had to sing his lyrics along with him. His guitar playing was so bad it was painful. We were going to go to Duluth today but no way. Beej please get yourself cleaned up. Truely a sad night.

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