6-17-2011 Florence + the Machine @ Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater

Visibly gorgeous & beaming, Florence Welch is a mysterious musical enigma.  She exudes passion & restless emotion.  Her body swirls & spins creating nuances.  Propelled & compelled.  Her every gesture & movement no matter how subtle seemed rhythmic & sensual.  Florence becomes her music on stage.  A vision to behold.

The surreal scene could not have been more perfect for this dreamlike nocturnal transmission at the Zoo.  There was magic about to occur.  This could be felt in the air.

From the first notes of “My boy builds coffins”, it was apparent that this was a unique earthly gift extending much deeper than music.  This dark enchanting music could be pulled from the pages of Edgar Allen Poe.  It’s dreamy yet macabre with intonations of passionate violence yet not nightmarish.  A feverish mesmerizing balance of dark & light, sweetness & spice, chaos & calm.

Other early delights were the mercurial “Drumming Song”, candied Candy “You’ve got the Love”, breathtaking “Howl”, senses swirl “Between 2 Lungs”, pulse raising “Cosmic Love”, going acoustic for the lovelorn “I’m not calling you a liar” & “Hurricane Drunk”, new songs fiery hot “Lay me down” & (first encore) heated intensity strewn “Bedroom hymns” (only 2nd time played).  Other intensifiers were rabid “Rabbit Heart (raise it up)” & final encore “Dog Days are over”, which were amongst the most energetic & wildly recieved.  I love that she has a harp players in band.  That adds a wonderful enhancement.

Personally, I have a special fondness for the name Florence as it was the name of my beloved great grandmother (ironically from England).  It’s also the name of a cool sleepy coastal town in Oregon where I went to play in the sand dunes. And now it’s the name of my newest fave English singer.  That’s a triple play.  I’m out at the plate.  What a show!


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