5-12-2011 The Radiators @ the Cabooze

As a very young kid fishing from my neighbor’s shore, I had my first so-called hallucination watching my bobber dive under the water when it didn’t.  Sunshine daydream?  As a very young adult, I experienced a parallel epiphany when I first saw the Radiators play.  A mind & body dance.

This first special fishhead opener show at the Cabooze blazed like a comet thru ultramarine sky with Peter Ostroushko on mandolin & fiddle.  The freak friendly club only reached half capacity leaving lots of room to dance & squirm.  Like waking up from a desirous dream, 33 years of Fishhead Nation swimming strong was coming to a head this summer.  Hitting walls is not my strong suit.

Peter O & Frankie photo: Missy Bowen

Time had come for all the local fishies to swimmingly return to the scene of their childhood crimes.  I used to tailgate all day & all night for these Radiators Cabooze runs.  Frisbee & other delights.

First set fireworks included personal theme song “Roll me over”, collective theme tune “Smokin’ Hole”, rare greasadelic “The Train is off its tracks”, deranged “Crazy Mona” > “Fine like Wine” > “Crazy Mona”, roaming charged “Run Red Run”, obscure “Fall of Dark” & rigorously ramped up murder ballad “Little Sadie”.

Little Paradise

Second set groovalicious nuggets were dust shined “Diamond Joe”, delight lit “Little Paradise”, decadent anthem “Drinkin’ Dragon’s Blood” & Zeke peakage “Lost Radio”.  Encore was creeper “Smoke on the water” tease > “Psychotic Reaction” tease > “Whole Lotta Love” tease > creamy “Sunshine of your Love”, swamp spiced Hank Williams “Jambalaya”.  The show also delivered deliberate doses of Dylan, Stones & Marvin Gaye.

I sure hope all this retirement talk turns out to be a false alarm.  But I understand the desire to walk or dance away while on the very top.  Untouchable.  The Radiators will always occupy a wonder filled place in my heart.


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