5-13-2011 The Radiators @ the Cabooze

For any fishhead Rads fan in Minnesota this Friday the 13th was overwhelmingly lucky as it was cosmically sandwiched between 2 other off the hook Radiators shows.  Dreamingly; it also turned out to be a greased up river romp of a racy dance dirty  throwdown.  A trounce of many thrills.

fan poster - permission pending

Even with so many beloved fishheads in town from everywhere for these festivities of the body & mind, the whole Rads retirement thing just wasn’t gonna sink in.  Total denial I suppose.

An sweetly electric undercurrent of the show was that it freakily celebrated the bday of dear friend Jenn T who was up front & loving it.  My first set high lights & hot torques were (freak theme song) dreamy “Wild & Free” (with Zeke word play “…you can go to Memphis, you can go to Shakopee”, “…you got a Loon in your head & I don’t think she’s gettin’ fed”), steamy “Hot Lube” (more Zeke speak “…down on 9th & Hennepin”) > “Love Trouble” > “Red Dress”, roasty “Sunglasses On”  & toasty “Soul on Fire”.  All night, Zeke & the boys with the noize eloquently & playfully weaved in & out of songs & grooves.  Fervent dancing ensued along with collective bliss.

The 2nd set roared open with a stony “Bitch” tease easing into “I don’t speak love” & also contained combustibles like the Smokey defying “Make Fire Make Light” > “psychotic reaction” tease > “smoke on the water” tease > “Burning down the house”, “She’s 19 years old” (Muddy for Jenn’s bd) > “Tequila” riff > “paint it black” riff > “19th Nervous Breakdown”, spindrift psychoactive sensory serenade “Lucinda” (Dave: “…think I’ll crawl back home”) > “magnificent 7 theme” > “shortenin bread” tease > “Cissy Strut”. ‘Twas a twisted head turner & full on dancefloor churner.

For the escalatingly tremendous encore was rare “Funky Reefer Man” tease > urgent defiant “Ain’t No Grave gonna hold my body down” > “I walked with the Zombies” > loony “Screw Loose”.  Insane would be too understated of a description here.

My freakadelica laced fantasyland of radiant joy raising dancegasmic continuum heatingly rolled on.  The end still not in sight.


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