5-14-2011 The Radiators @ the Cabooze

As fate would have it, I would see my 1st & last Minnesota New Orleans Radiators shows at the Cabooze on the West Bank, which is also a few blocks from where I was born.  Minneapolis has become a fave destination & a 2nd home to this electric hedonistic band over the years.

Art by Jesse Brodd • jessebrodd.com

This town is better for it.  The Rads emotion dosed final river run up north to the source was on it’s 3rd & final frenzied night.  Fishhead folks were zigzagging around like social sensation seeking scarab beetles in the nocturnal forest of the night.  Freaky couldn’t begin to describe or explain it.

The 1st set was bursting at the melting steamy seams with pretty much highlights throughout.  I’m talking about the lucid “Last Getaway” opener, psychoactive gospel hit “Light up my Pipe”, sensual “Devil’s Dream”, naughty hot “#2 Pencil”, crowd pleasers “Creepin’ Vine” > “Hold Back the Flood”, funkily askew “Jigsaw”, ending the mind & body jolting set was the madly merging urging multiple climaxer “Hardcore” > “Pump it up” > “Trouble Comin’ Every Day” > “Shake your body down to the ground” > “Hardcore”. Freaksquisite.

2nd set steeped open with “Salty Jane”, fave of mine “Let the Red Wine Flow”, home towns shared ode “River Run”, Dead inspired “Morning Dew”, wet reelin’ “Stealin’ a Feelin’”, jumpity “Danang”, raring to go “I’ve got a feeling” > “It’s your thing” (verse) > “Mr. Big Stuff” (verse) > “I’ve got a feeling”, flirty dirty “Chick’s too young to fry” before slamming head first into the ecstatic encores “Going up the country” (Canned Heat), “Crazy Mixed Up World” (Rhapsodizers), “Psychotic Reaction” > “I See Rosie”.  Amen to that.

I would have to exclaim here that this was one of the very best live shows I’ve ever been to & danced to. When the music makes me move, all I’ve ever said is that I can’t help it.  Comes natural.


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