5-17-2011 Warren Haynes Band @ The Pageant St Louis

The unstoppable Warren Haynes has a very high caliber fresh new band in tow & his fans couldn’t be more pleased.  I’m among those faithful & happy to be longtime friends with Warren.  WHB bravely fearlessly explores forward into diverse musical realms with unspoken cohesive chemistry.

Night 2 of my short but sweet stint on Warren tour.  The 1st set featured early original “I’ll be the one”, “Blue Radio”, “Tear me down” & colossal closer “Take a Bullet” > “I Wish” (Stevie Wonder) > “Take a Bullet”.  The Pageant is a beautiful spacious venue in a really cool neighborhood with pristine sound & fantastic sightlines.  The 2nd set started out solo acoustic featuring “Fallen Down”.  Other standouts were Allen Toussaint’s “On your way down” & a darkly churning “32 – 20 Blues” among others.

Warren’s really mixing it up presently with lots of new material, old songs, genre jumping, tasty covers, phrasing, teasing, blazing, flailing, wailing.. you get the picture.  I think in motion would be an understatement.  More like a blur.  He’s on fire.  The band is as well.

Warren’s career is really moving right now with his acclaimed solo record “Man in Motion” just released (Stax Records) along with a tour, festivals & subsequently lots of positive attention.  His lifelong connection to soul music has come to fruition.  Warren is visibly having the time of his life & sounds better than ever.

I wholeheartedly encourage everyone in the path of this tantalizing tour to go experience it. I am confident you will dig it.  Three full freaking hours (2 sets) of electrifying music each & every time.


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