4-14-2011 Wanee Festival Day 1 @ Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park

My favorite thing about Wanee besides the music is the vibe.  It’s so damn good & friendly that it could be its own wonder drug.  Honestly, there’s no need for intoxicants here. One could easily feel a great big freaking contact high.  Swoon some Wanee wonderland.

Poster by Conscious Alliance for those helping out

Rising for the music, my first glimpse was southern rock local icon Bobby Lee Rodgers with his trio.  Keeping it real while spacing out grooves where no one has been.

The day lazily sauntered on with DJ Logic on the Peach Stage with John Popper sitting in  on harmonica.

From there, it was some rootsy rock with Devon Allman’s Honeytribe.  Devon is an extremely talented young un in the Allman fam.  Always an explosive & tasteful live force, Devon’s set was a blast.

My freakafied adventures continued with John Popper (again) catching his band the Duskray Troubadours.  John deliriously lit up the sprawling crowd with the Blues Traveler hit “Run-around”. They put on a slamming show.

I followed my curiosity to find Big Gigantic gleaming out mind mellowing electronica & roots riding seductive grooves in the Shroom stage world.  Intrigue worthy.

Another star I’d yet to see was Wanda Jackson.  Bob Dylan once described her as an “atomic bomb in lipstick”.  Her racy set was hell bent & rockabilly friendly.  She pioneered this genre from the get go.  I witnessed a legend here.

I could not have felt that I was in a better place on earth & spirit as the North Mississippi Allstars Duo bombastically bombarded hotly into their opener “Shimmy She Wobble” > “Station Blues”.  Luther & Cody stormed thru several songs from their new record “Keys to the Kingdom” (on Song of the South Records) including intrinsically gospel blazed “The Meeting”, zombie romp “New Orleans Walkin’ Dead”, Dylan’s “Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again” (recast as a one chord hill country blues tune as requested my their late father Jim), wondrous “Jellyrollin’ All Over Heaven”, & edgy “Jumpercable Blues”.

Other greatness heard were “Shake”, “Write me a few lines” > “Sugartown”, “Meet me in the city” > “All night long”, “Keep the devil down”, “Goin’ Down South” > “Hear my train a’comin’”, Cody’s risque washboard freakout “Psychedelic Sex Machine” & closing with the urgent RL Burnside Mississippi hill country dust tailed classic “Snake Drive”*.  Too many personal faves of mine here to count.  Authentic southern hill country dirty groove like this makes me wanna stomp & dance.  Naturally lifting my soul higher.  More free.

photo: Michael Cubbage

Steven Marley drew from his dad’s deep rooted legacy & enhanced it with his own style & songs to share. Stephen’s set was sensual & dance deeming climaxing in unison with a breathtaking sunset.  His sweet show included “Mind Control”, & gifts from Bob “Could you be loved?”*, “3 little birds”, “Jammin”, “Redemption Song” & “Lion Zion”.  He is now my fave living Marley (though I dig Ky-Mani, Ziggy & Damian).

Frequently on the move, I found my way to Electric Hot Tuna at the Mushroom.  The crowd basked in the mellow & enigmatic mystery mastery enigma of their hotness.  Right before barreling into “I know you rider”, Jorma exclaimed “if you know who wrote this one let us know”.  Rev. Gary Davis’s “Children of Zion” was like finding treasure.  Definitely Tuna are Wanee royal family like any & all Allmans & Grateful Dead living torchbearers (&inspireasarios).

[Freak note: The North Mississippi Allstars Duo, & Widespread Panic shows were available instantly to purchase afterwards.  The esteemed visionary company delivering this vital goods & service is Munck Music from Chicago.  Here’s their site: ]

Click for Munck Music • Live Recordings

The 25 years strong & still freaking the top of the heap, Widespread Panic celebrates a triumphant exuberant Wanee for JB’s bday show.  For politeness, I won’t disclose his age.  To me & so many others he’s forever young.  Just gettin’ started!  The mind whet set lusciously lifted to life with JJ Cale’s “Travelin’ Light”, which had personal significance to me as I was doing just that.

Panic sent my senses swoonseeking surreal sonic swirling sexed up cerebral Soliloquies throughout the tantamount tempest of electricity thundering & enlightening my way.  The safety switch was off.  In other words, the boys wound up & threw down the proverbial gauntlet with tunes like “Love Tractor”, *“Stop breakin’ down blues” with Luther Dickinson crushing, “Down”, “True to my nature”, “Christmas Katie” > “Radio Child”, “Surprise Valley” > “Low spark of high heeled boys” > drumz with Cody Dickinson > “Low Spark” > “Surprise” > “Climb to safety”.  [Key: * = freak wanee peak epiphany]

For the eclectic down home encore it was Neil Young’s “Are You Ready for the Country” again inviting Cody on drums.   Honestly, if I still experimented with drugs, I probably wouldn’t have come down for days after this.  That high.  Thankfully, I don’t.  And that feels really good to know.

Lotus’s late night foray into nocturnal emissive electro spasmic sounds kept the dancing throngs fueled up to the eep hour in this case 2am.  Wide eyed peeps gave me some funny looks as I sat there blogging in the picnic area just above the pulsating glowing music surging stage.

Wanee continued to musically seduce me in every conceivable way & I continued to enjoy the damn hell out of it.

Most gracious thanks to all who’s photos & vids I have utilized here.  Y’all make my blog look damn awesome.  My apologies to the bands I missed: Dangermuffin & Dirty Dozen Brass Band.  I know that it was hot fun.

Chillaxing with Dave from Shakedown Candles & Gifts. You gotta see his wares.


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