4-3-2011 English Beat @ the Cabooze

Here’s a band I was crazy for in my younger days.  The Beat still have a crucial special place in my heart.  Always a rousing force in music that demands to be danced to, Dave & the English Beat always deliver live like its their last show ever.  Completely in the moment.

The Cabooze show was blazing limb flying good with the pulsating audience held captive until the end.  Some the tunes that I was digging most were the sexy “Jackpot”, General Public’s swoony “Tenderness” & sultry “Never Done That”, the Motown gem “Tears of a Clown”, sensual “2 Tone Lady” & explosive Beat medley “Ranking Full Stop” > “Mirror in the Bathroom”.

The 2 hour plus throwdown whipped the nicely filled Boozer up into a ska fired skank quaking all out frenzy.  The Beat truly have many enthused loyal diehard fans in our town, who love to dance (like me). [Note: There’s a way cool ska fan site: MNSKA.com for Minnesota’s Ska Community. Visit them.]

I had the warm pleasure of meeting (& partying with) charismatic frontman Dave Wakeling last summer.  He was incredibly friendly & funny.  A charming humble guy & an electrifying musician.  Not to mention, Dave’s a fiery ball of energy on stage.

It makes me vivaciously happy that this catchy 2 tone music is still around & the movement still alive.  These are extremely fun sounds to dance to.  Amongst my favorites.  Your body can’t help but move.

Dave W's signature Vox Phantom guitar


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