3-26-2011 Smart Mouth @ the Cabooze

Let me set the scene.  Smart Mouth converges on the Cabooze stage to unleash their steamy funk soul.  A wildly devoted fan who drove 600 miles to the show rages & dances in the front row all night.  Leading the charge from the dancefloor.

Art by Jeremi Hanson

The music hits the collective us like a first kiss & the sometimes dirty dancing takes over from there.  SM’s live lucent show has expanded to 2 synapse spasming sets.

Bolstered by strong originals like “Anything you want”, “Have mercy”, “Feels good”, “Return my heart”, “Good-bye everything”, “Boom” & more, the band also extends into some Greazy Meal vibe with renditions of “In & Out” & “Unfaithful”.

Other sweet touches of the show were stylized covers of Led Zep’s “The Ocean”, Hall & Oates “I can’t go for that” & Rare Earth’s “I just wanna Celebrate”.

After the action, I lingered long to greet band members & friends (& Greazy fam) from the scene from old to new.  Look for this powerhouse force of a band to be playing more & breaking new fertile ground musically all the way.  They easily go from muscular brawny funk blasts to smooth more laid back soul sounds.

You can watch, hear, listen, see, & dance as Smart Mouth is slowly bursting out to the greater world thanks to word of mouth & good friends & especially a real family of a music scene in funky Minneapolis.  And I would know. Spread the love when you find it.


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One Response to 3-26-2011 Smart Mouth @ the Cabooze

  1. TIMMY! It was so much fun to meet you and thanks much for reviewing Smart Mouth… ❤

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