3-15-2011 Orgone @ the Cedar

photo: Tim McGuire

With an exquisitely fun & funky soul fired get down Cali ensemble called Orgone to dance my night away to (at the Cedar) & within only a few blocks of the hospital where I was born, you could say I was truly in my element.  Had my groove on you could add.  The evening was orgonegasmic.

Tireless passionate purveyors of heavy funk, soul & afro beat, the 9-piece Orgone puts forth a huge sound combining their energy & chemistry while inspiring gravity defying dance moves (like mine).  Potent grooves were abounding.

Having 1st experienced Orgone at last summer’s High Sierra Music Fest, I knew we were in for a dynamic sensuous funk-a-thon of grooves exploding with horns & all.  I danced like a spazmanian funk devil at the Cedar Cultural Center (as it lived up to its namesake”).

The songs that moved me were all of them.  Here’s some of my own peaks: tropical spiced “Funky Nassau”, Nola spiked “Ain’t No Use”, afro beat freaking “Hambone 2000” > “Sweatshop”, hypnotically pleasing “It’s time tonight”, dance inducing “I get lifted”, Funkadelic’s “Cosmic Slop” & soaring encores “Brake for a toad” & compelling “Sophisticated Honkey” (aka ‘cracka’).  I love their sense of humor on their stage set list.  That’s cool.

After the heated show, me & my posse visited with the friendly band eventually going backstage to party down a little more.  Their entire entourage was delightful & positively engaging.  Meeting the band after an epic night always thrills me beyond words.

My parting wish here is that Orgone will be back soon & also that I may encounter them in my travels.  Do yourself a favor & indulge in this wonder filled music to move to.

Me & Sergio Rios guitarist for Orgone

or·gone (ôr’gōn)
n. A universal life force, a cosmic unit of energy, the creative force in nature.

foto: J. Monroe


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