3-10-2011 Jackie Greene @ the 7th Street Entry

foto: J. Monroe

Soulful singer & master guitarist Jackie Greene is both gifted & blessed in so many ways & also now appears to be riding high at the loftiest peak of his career so far.  Let me add that this is a joyous scenario to experience.

Young behind his years, Jackie displays resounding deep musicianship & potent unrestrained passion live. He simply is electrifying while making it look easy.

Jackie & his highly skilled band frenetically traipsed & cascaded all night exploring enticing sounds & wildly enchanting nuances.  Lots of spontaneous improv savvy outbursts.

Some of the standout songs for me were the GD’s “New Speedway Boogie” > “Bird Song” jam > “The Other One” tease / medley, “Hollywood” > “Low Rider” tease > Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” > “Taxman”, including intriguing originals like “A Moment of Temporary Color”, “Shaky Ground”, “Gone Wanderin”, “Till the Light Comes”, “Mexican Girl”, & enigmatic encore “Ball & Chain”.

Toward the end, Jackie went off the setlist for a fired up fantastic sensuality spiked rendition of “Sugaree” (skipping “Scarlet Begonias”) emanating from the stage to directly engage the enraptured dancefloor.  Spiraling dancers like myself were wishing this stellar show could go till dawn in the dark intimacy of our beloved 7th Street Entry.

Briefly meeting JG afterwards proved to be an unexpected surprise & an honor as he was charming & friendly.  All smiles.  That’s how we roll here.

Jessica, Jackie & me

I will humbly give Jackie Greene the highest recommendation I have in me.  I believe this kind immensely talented guy from Northern California will reach & entertain more people than he ever imagined.  Deservedly so.

“Tell Me Mama”

[Here’s a link to download the show: Jackie Greene 7th St Entry MPLS, MN March 10, 2011 – MK41V *16bit*


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