3-3-2011 Jack Brass Band @ the Driftwood

Jack Brass Band with friends (including trumpeter from Glen David Andrews Band)

In the land of Minnesnowta, no band can get you juiced up & ready for Mardi Gras like Jack Brass Band.  The JBB decadently bring the real N’awlins second-line funky street vibe & sounds everywhere they go.  Dancing is the best way to respond to this.

Swiftly lighting up the Driftwood, the festive JBB were fancily flowing their hedonistic carnivalesque funky roll while suddenly spontaneously people started breaking out in dance.  Yes, we were busting out our moves.  This is curiously commonplace in New Orleans & hopefully can spread to the rest of the world.

Amongst the alluring array of songs, some of my faves were the Rebirth firestarter “Feel like Funkin it up”, dancefloor erupting uptown Newbirthian “H.I.T.”, James Brown’s obscure “Food Stamp Blues”, vintage swooning “Just the 2 of us”, cruisin’ casual “Grazin’ in the Grass” & the Ray Charles jump & jive soul “I got a woman”.

During the 2nd set, Jack Brass was joyously joined by friends including a member of Nola’s Glen David Andrews band (who played earlier at the Dakota Jazz Club), providing for a soaring super charged highlight experience.  Booty moving brass frenzy.

Jack Brass Band is a Minneapolis based New Orleans brass band.  I would love to see grow from treasured bands like this, a rising movement that would encapsulate the planet into an unstoppable horn led participatory peaceful parade of friendly community & shared dreams. Sound familiar? I deeply hope so.


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