2-23-2011 Morcheeba @ First Avenue mainroom

me: Morcheeba caresses my funky soul.

Besides having the coolest names* & a late night ultra chill vibe, Morcheeba makes sensual enticing electro music together combining cohesive chemistry & captivating collaboration.

[* means loosely “the way of cannabis”]

At some point one of the Godfrey brothers said “This is always, always one our favorite stops on the North American tour” (ad lib).  I hear that a lot.  And I love it everytime.

me: Morcheeba enchants 1st Ave with mystery soaked downtempo sweetness. I'm comfy here.

Like a warm invitation, their dreamy sound fills the air sweetly & the dancefloor swirlingly.  Honesty I wish Minneapolis would dance more.  C’mon peeps!

Skye from Morcheeba sings sexy & the dancefloor eruptions keep climaxing

The songs came bloomingly blossoming from all parts of their voluminous career.  With First Ave filled nicely, Morcheeba opened with sugary love drop pop of “The Sea”, which is my pet of all their songs.  Others that were high lights were “Trigger Hippie”, “Blindfold”, “Be Yourself” & explosive finale encore “Rome wasn’t built in a day” which was dedicated to the lovers.  Colossal.

When asked whether Trip Hop was still alive, lead singer Skye (Edwards) said in essence, she prefers “Downtempo” to describe their music.

The nocturnal ritual of live Morcheeba proved to be an extremely intoxicating exotic musical adventure made exquisite & profound by happening as it did.  A true thrill.

me & my accomplice


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