2-20-2011 Old 97’s @ First Avenue mainroom

There’s a certain epiphany I have at tremendously outstanding live shows. That’s when I look around to realize that I am dancing far harder than anyone else in the crowd.  This happened to me tonight at the Old 97’s at 1st Avenue.

The Old 97's perform "Champaign, Illinois"

The intense blizzard did not stop the show from happening nor did it deter all the diehards that braved the streets & highways to enjoy their music. Living close, I joyously hiked there in my boots, which were actually fun & challenging to dance in.

Some of my own highlights were hard hitting & dance friendly numbers like burning “Question”, emotive “Indefinitely”, mischief minded “Niteclub”, crowd pleasing “Rollerskate Skinny”, enigmatic “Champaign, Illinois” (where Rhett channels Bobby Dylan), rambunctious “Every night is Friday night” (you gotta love any song that rhymes freak with week), dance exploding “Time Bomb”, cheeky “Barrier Reef”, convincing “Dance With Me” & long gone “Won’t be home”.  They also featured some damn good tunes about Texas where I refined my loco twisted 2-step like “A state of Texas” & “West Texas Teardrops”.

This is Rhett's stage setlist 2-20-11

The overall experience was long & passionate.  28 songs on the list & they did some requests too.  The vibe was fresh & alive.  Rhett kept giving us high props on showing up in the midst of a full on blizzard (20 inches dump).  He also ranted that Minneapolis is one of the “coolest cities in this country”.  To that we say: thank you kindly.  Glad you noticed.

Among the many times I’ve seen the 97’s, this was clearly & definitively one of the best.  C’mon back soon now y’all.


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3 Responses to 2-20-2011 Old 97’s @ First Avenue mainroom

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  2. Pablo says:

    My hand looks great in that shot. 🙂

    You are correct – I would say that was the best 97s concert I have seen (out of 7)

    Thanks for the post!

  3. Jennie says:

    Wow! Great review and videos! See the blond girl in front of Ken, bouncing and shaking her head incessantly? That’s me. I don’t think anyone moved as much as I did during this show! 😉 Yes it was amazing, I think it was my 7th or 8th Old 97’s show. Definitely one of the best! I hope they come back soon, in the meantime I’m road-tripping to Madison on 4/1!!

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