2-11-2011 Smart Mouth @ the Cabooze

When Smart Mouth stepped on the scene, they knew there was a preciously funky soul dance void in Minneapolis that had long been needed to be filled.  Julius Collins III & Brian Gallagher were ready & there to form this super heavyweight band of friends that is Smart Mouth*.  Hence; a power sourced force steeped in experience & the ability to always lay it (the funk) down.

(*with Michael Bland, Craig “Screamer” Powell, Sonny Thompson & Russ King).

SM blasted out of the gate with charged up original “Have Mercy” weilding their funky vibe with sheer power & unreserved brilliance.  Other morsels included the originals “Anything You Want”, “My Heart to You”, “Feels Good”, dance friendly Greazy Meal space funk “Unfaithful” & soulgasmic “In n’ Out”.

The night’s covers were all cool Hall & Oates “I can’t go for that”, David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” (dedicated to SM publicist Brooke A) & Rare Earth’s “(I just want to) Celebrate”, which was fittingly sent out to Egypt.

Look out for more live shows soon (unconfirmed March 26 at Cabooze) from Smart Mouth as they thrust out more into the public eye & vibrant music scene.  Hopefully capturing more audience & propelling dancefloors all over.

set list with sound engineer notes by Cody Anderson

poster by Jeremi Hanson

photo: erin zemanovic photography (permission pending)


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2 Responses to 2-11-2011 Smart Mouth @ the Cabooze

  1. Kip Blackshire says:

    Can’t wait to hear da album fam.
    Congrats!! Always been a big fan of ur vocals.


  2. Jesse Brodd says:

    Great info. I searched the web for the band and your blog came up. outstanding.

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