2-8-2011 George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic @ the Cabooze

Ever since back in junior high when I first discovered Funkadelic albums in my hometown library, I was intrigued & wanted to know more.  They were almost more twisted than my teenage mind.  The funky years that ensued thereafter brought me closer to a cosmic connection to the music & realms beyond.

The 3 plus hour high energy show was a true to life Mothership landing brimming with funk flavored fiend fancied treats like “Something stank (& i want some)”, “Hard as steel”, “Maggot Brain” (featuring guitar intensive of Kidd Funkadelic aka Michael Hampton), “Bounce to this”, “Up for the downstroke” & freakoutish finale “(Not Just) Knee Deep”.  Definitely a freak of the week!

The P-Funk was riding high a quantum leap of mind & body propelled funkstorms delivering soul those who need it most.  The dancers.  Honestly, the venue was so tightly packed that I couldn’t find enough space to dance.  I found my way to the most far reaches of the back where I had a pleasure of a time sometimes abandoning my body to the sweet music.

One of the all time highs for me as a music writer (& magazine guy) was interviewing George Clinton in 1998.  He struck me as warm & personable.  Our flowing conversations were a delight.  I hope for the chance to talk to him again.  This may be the year.  Give up the funk.

George Clinton dons a cool hat. foto: found on twitter

My vantage point up in the Blue Star lounge.


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