2-3-2011 Keller Williams @ the Cabooze

An evening with Keller Williams @ the Cabooze

In the nearly 2 decades I’ve been friends with Keller, it has been a true joy to watch his skills & personality & career grows to what it is today.  Not to mention his still blooming loyal fanbase especially with the younger enthusiasts.  His time tested formula of brightly engaging originals & unusual fun covers works wonders everywhere he goes.

The 1st set was riddled with K-dub delight including adventuresome “Doobie in my pocket”, pop culty “Uncle Disney”, deadhead inspired “Gate crashers suck”, & double wham bam “Bob rules” > “Another Brick in the Wall”.

The 2nd set careened open with a freeky stylized “Gimmee Shelter” meandering thru beauty like “India” > “Hunting Charlie” > “Stayin’ Alive”, “Kidney in a Cooler”, “Super Hot”, phish fired “Birds of a Feather”, crowd pleaser “More than a Little”, my personal fave “Best Feeling” & ebullient encore “I Love California” (where he playfully sang “I Love Minnesota” sending the dancefloor into a wild frenzy).  By now it was KW’s bday & crowd remained insane.

KW is the ultimate eclectic eccentric one man band.  He builds on his musical ideas onstage masterfully & satisfyingly making it up as he goes along.  He takes much time & care picking a course for a show yet improvises immeasurably & keeps the songs in the moment.  He’s also very funny.  K seems just as surprised as (we) the crowd are during one of his epiphanies.  I imagine once he figures out a freaktronica loon call, it will make it into a live show.  I hope I’m there.

Keller & me in the Green Room backstage

One of the best parts of the night for me was relaxing with Keller backstage afterwards.    It’s so fun sharing stories & ideas with him.  The vibe was just right.  Always a pleasure.

KW was kind enough to write out the whole set list for me. Thanks my friend.


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