1-30-2011 The Jayhawks @ First Avenue

Not much is more Minneapolis than seeing the Jayhawks in First Avenue’s mainroom. This is something I have enjoyed enormously for 2 decades running.

This well attended lengthy show was the 2nd night of their final stand of the tour.  The night spotlighted the heyday albums “Hollywood Town Hall” & “Tomorrow the Green Grass”.  Some of the greatness shared from the stage were “Settled Down Like Rain”, “Blue”, “I’d Run Away”, “Miss Williams’ Guitar”, “Waiting for the Sun” & the traditional (Sister Rosetta Tharp) “Above My Head (I Hear Music in the Air)”.

The Jayhawks also served up new songs “She walks in so many ways”, “Black Eyed Susan” & “Gilder Annie”, which will be featured on their next record due out this summer.  Gary Louris masterfully led the charge as the band synergized wondrous harmonies & luminous instrumentations.

The band clearly loved to play this intimate room as much as we adore seeing them there. If not more.  They returned for 2 mighty strong encores delivering high octane rootsy passion until the screen rolled down.

Sometime near the end, Mark Olson laughingly said “I originally wanted us to be called the Twin Town Ramblers, I’m glad someone made us go with the Jayhawks.” These old friends in this thrilling band are truly a great American treasure to behold.  I’m a fan for life.


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