1-28-2011 The Radiators @ Turtle’s

1-28-2011  The Radiators @ Turtle’s 1890 Social Centre

poster art: Jesse Brodd jessebrodd.com

It was in spectacular fish-headed display that the Radiators delivered on their first 33rd birthday (& Jesse’s 37th) show at Turtle’s in otherwise sleepy Shakopee.

So many of my nearest & dearest friends some of whom traveled great distance were gathered to dance in scintillating sensory synchronicity.  The band instantly lifted us off the launchpad dancefloor to heights only previously imagined in by the highest minds.

The fish-head circus was in town.  The Minnesota run started with the incessantly slow burning swamp funk of “Between 2 fires”.  Other raging 1st set hotness were the delicious “Light up my pipe”, dizzying “Crazy Mona” & sensualistic “#2 Pencil” (think adult romper room theme song).

The steamy 2nd set exploded massively with songs like our (secret krewe’s) signature theme song “Screw Loose”, “Cocktail Music”, “Lila”, Little Feat’s “Spanish Moon” & “Doctor Doctor” before foraging into the cataclysmic encore bringing down the house with “Goin’ Up the country” & a moving voracious “Gimme some Lovin”.

There’s truly no way to measure the vast happiness, pure pleasure & encapsulating joy this beloved band has brought to my life in the last 26 years.  For more than half my time on earth, the Radiators have always been there for me.  The soundtrack I live by.  The dance that I can’t help but do.  For that, I am grateful & sincerely thank them.


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One Response to 1-28-2011 The Radiators @ Turtle’s

  1. Saturday night was such a great night and boogie woogie did we all night long!! Thanks for putting up the pics! Peace , Kristi

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