12-2-2010 Andrew Bird with Alpha Consumer @ 1st Avenue mainroom

By some odd miracle of fate, this was my first time seeing Andrew Bird.  I can guarantee my life it won’t be my last. Bird is an ever so humble genius of his ever expansive craft.  Alpha Consumer opened up the night spectacularly & with daring reckless abandon.  Andrew was backed brilliantly 2/3 of Alpha Consumer: Jeremy Ylvisaker & Mike Lewis along with Martin Dosh.

Andrew Bird  photo: Stacy Schwartz (permission pending)

Bird started off the show alone with a spellbinding “Intro-You woke me up” followed by an exquisite swan sung intimate “Why?”.  The long set featured brand new songs like “Danse Carribe” & “Near Death Experience”as well as more familiar tracks like “A Nervous Tic Motion of the head to the left” & “Imitosis”.  Another personal highlight was the tantalizing Martin Dosh composition “Simple X”.  Like a true pro, Andrew performed his friends’ songs with the enormous passion he brings to his own songs.  I can’t think of a higher praise.

Danse Carribe

AC’s drummer JT Bates was invited up for 2 songs (one being Alpha Consumer’s “Crown Salesman” & the other was AB’s new “Breeding Desperation”).  Other treasures that turned up late in the show were “Lusitania” & “Fake palindromes” as well as the unearthly 4 song encore celestially encapsulating “Plasticities”, “Fatal Shore”, “Table & Chairs” & “Don’t Be Afraid” (Handsome Family cover).  Andrew Bird & his muse-centric friends were nothing less than astonishing & the night was enchanted beyond belief.

Tables And Chairs, Don’t Be Scared (encores)


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